ROME 22/10 – Day 5: Of chalices and clams and rest

The sun was up at 7:09 in Rome and set at 18:47.  The Ave Maria was to be rung at 19:00.  The Feast: St. Placid and companions.

It’s definitely mosquito season here.   I found both my hands to have been bit up in the night, which is seriously annoying.  It’s ironic, since screens were installed with the new windows.  I know how they are getting in and I will devise a cunning plan against their ingress.

Black to move.  This one shouldn’t take very long.

This morning I took my chalice to the shop where it was made over 30 years ago and the very same goldsmith. I almost didn’t bring it, what with the confusion of the hurricane and changing flights. I figured that because some folks had contributed to its overhaul, I had better get to it and the dollar is really good. We had a good chat about it and made a plan.

I had a bit of a stroll afterward but my knee is acting up. Home again.

But I did stop and pick up some clams!

Some other choices.

A couple of street shots.

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  1. Mother Seton says:

    Father Z, try this for the knee:

    It’s saved me on multiple occasions, including the first stressful move to Germany when we lived in a hotel for two plus months competing in the hunger games of housing. The hotel elevator broke, and we were still using a stroller for our youngest. Rapid onset knee pain nearly drove me over the edge.

    These videos helped resolve the problem in roughly three days, but it was greatly relieved the first day.

    Good luck and God bless. And if you can make a side trip to Belgium, we’d be happy to have you in the apartment over the garage in exchange for daily Mass. :)

  2. Neal says:

    2. …c6

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