Daily Rome Shot 584, etc.

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Black to move.  Mate in 3.  After yesterday’s this is a piece of cake.

NB: I may hold comments with puzzle solutions a little longer than others so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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The Remote Chess Academy has helped my game.  They have all sorts of courses for different levels and prices.

I received a package of candles from the wonderful Summit Dominicans.  Happily I was able to get Advent candles along with candles for the Two Trinity chapel.

They make lots things that could be great Christmas presents, and you would be supporting them, too.  Check their site.  HERE


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  1. Kentucky Gent says:

    1… Re1+
    2.Rxe1 Qxd5+
    3.Kg1 Qg2#

  2. Kentucky Gent says:

    I think white extend it to 4 moves:

    1… Re1+
    2.Rxe1 Qxd5+
    3.Re4 Qxe4+
    4.Kg1 Qg2#

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