Daily Rome Shot 589, etc.

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Meanwhile, BLACK to move and mate in 3.  And three is the key!  This is fun.

NB: I may hold comments with puzzle solutions a little longer than others so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

Looking for some reading and perhaps a Christmas gift? Here’s an idea.

The Holy Bread of Eternal Life: Restoring Eucharistic Reverence in an Age of Impiety by Peter Kwasniewski – Sophia Press


Some nice gift ideas can be found at the shop of the wonderful Summit Dominicans.

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  1. JonPatrick says:

    To add to the above: the fact that White gets to move first is obviously a result of racism. Therefore a new rule is added that Black moves first every day except on games starting on a Tuesday, to correct centuries of White oppression.

  2. No takers on the puzzle? It’s really good!

  3. pbewig says:

    Promote the pawn to a knight with check. Depending where the king moves, two more knight checks give checkmate.

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