Rome 22/11 – Day 36: Stressed and blessed

I had a stress-filled day.  I made it to the end thanks to a prince of the church, for one thing, and a new good friend, for another.

The day was also good in a way that I can only describe as heavenly intervention.  I can’t share the issue involved, but I think I have evidence.

St Thérèse was active in my vocation once before, at its beginning.  I believe I recounted that elsewhere: I had received her classic sign of roses in huge abundance when I asked her intercession at a critical moment.   This is why I have a wreath of roses on the node of the chalice I just had refurbished and, this morning, reconsecrated.

I think she just got involved again.  After I had spoken of her intercession earlier in the day, this was spontaneously given to me in the evening when I was getting groceries for supper at the shops around the Campo de Fiori (apt).

The ambient.  Workers are taking down the stalls and cleaning up after the day.  Massive street sweepers are roaring around.  It was so windy that things were being blow over, garbage is whirling.

What I received out of the blue in this chaos.

What’s really amusing about this is that, just the other day I had a thought about my relics of St Thérèse during the Exposition of Relics at Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini.  I have two 1st class relics which are impossible to get now.  I considered bringing one to Rome for the parish, to which I am so very much attached.

On what day in the Church’s traditional calendar did I have this tough but good day, and when I received this rose out of the blue?

5 November – The Feast of the Holy Relics.

I would like to post a chess puzzle and some promotions but I am at last a puddle.

I am so grateful for you who have prayed for me.

Mary, Queen of Clergy… St Thérèse….

Thank you, Lord, for this day.

The sun had risen in Rome at 6:45.  It set at 17:02.

The Ave Maria was supposed to be at 17:30.





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  1. Antonia D says:

    It’s beautiful to see these clear signs for your intentions, Fr. Z. We’ll keep praying for you & for them. BTW we’re really looking forward to experiencing the Treasures of the Church exposition of relics. What a worthy cause!

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