ST LOUIS TLM opportunities and Requiem Mass for Pope Benedict XVI

St. Louis is more and more in my mind’s eye these day, principally because of the St. Louis Chess Club and that whole environment around it.

HOWEVER… I received this note, which seems highly advantageous to post:

Merry Christmas!  Some of your readers may be attending FOCUS’ SEEK conference next week in St. Louis.  Our parish, St. Francis De Sales Oratory (ICKSP), will have a full week of Latin masses, including a solemn high sung mass Wednesday at 6 pm.  This will be a requiem mass for Pope Benedict.  I know many folks don’t have access to a sung high mass (or maybe even any TLM at all) so this would be a great occasion to assist at a beautiful mass and pray for Pope Benedict.  We are located only 5-10 minutes from the conference by car.  Any assistance in spreading the word would be most appreciated!

I will add that, in this time of cruel oppression, it is all the more important that our TLMs be standing room and overflow.  Pack them!


(At many TLM’s you can go to confession during Mass before Communion begins.)

Not a bad looking church.

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  1. Mon Pere says:

    Some of the conference-goers have already found Saint Mary’s Assumption (SSPX), which is also just minutes away. The complete Mass schedule is available on Just in case anyone is looking for options.

  2. Anneliese says:

    I would also like to say that there is another oratory available for the TLM — Oratory of Sts Gregory and Augustine, founded by Cardinal Burke when he was archbishop, It’s located at St. Luke the Evangelist Church in Richmond Heights, MO, which borders St. Louis city. It’s located off a highway and is accessible by public transport. The oratory is separate from the parish but the parish itself is also fairly faithful and offers a nice ordinary form. It also has more parking than St. Francis de Sales. And it’s in a safer neighborhood.

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