From “The Private Diary of Bishop F. Atticus McButterpants” – 23-03-21 – Troubled seminarian

The “mole” has been stuck at home with a bad cold and so there have not been any entries for a few days.  We hope for a swift recovery.  Meanwhile, here’s an oldie.

September 20th 2023 [2022]

Dear Diary,

Shocked yesterday. The Chancellor of Vice told me he was looking at Dcn Butch’s Instagram. He’s always cruising clergy accounts looking for trouble.  Hard to say what he thought he’d find on Butch’s account, since he’s dead and all, last month.  I guess he’s being thorough.  Vice found a strange entry.  Butch’s grandson went off to one of these seminaries run by schismatics or something. He entered with at least THIRTY guys in his class.

I’m scratching my head. Why not go to our regional seminary? He’s lived here his whole life. Close-knit family. Why’s he going all the way across the country for this? I had no idea he was interested in being a priest. I saw him among the servers at Mass whenever I’d go up to Spud Corners, but I’m really surprised. Fr. Tommy didn’t seem to be at all surprised. I think he even approved!  These young priests.  I should ask Fr Bill not to put anything in the bulletin about this.  I really don’t want folks to the idea that this is okay.  Some other young guys might go for it. Latin and all those books instead of CPE and ecumenecal days.   I mean “stop the spread”! Right?

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  1. redneckpride4ever says:

    If I had to guess, Butch’s grandson enrolled in an ICKSP or FSSP seminary. Nothing screams “schismatic” like orthodox Catholicism.

  2. Looks like your spy was able to time travel.

  3. Not really. Chalk it up to a simple scribal error. Bp. McB has pretty decent handwriting. Something the sisters probably beat into him. Spelling is another thing altogether. Still, it all has to be transcribed for these entries. You know how it is when you start writing dates. You get into almost muscle memory.

  4. Gaetano says:

    The mention of CPE gave me an instant & involuntary shudder. Indeed, Clinical Pastoral Education is one of the great blights on contemporary seminary & religious formation in the U.S.

    I know precious few people who have enjoyed it. Most have had at least one traumatic interaction with the directors/instructors.

    Then there’s the fact that many of the people running such programs were either Protestant or radically heterodox Catholics.

    Training future priests in a system that either lacks an appreciation for the Sacraments or is actively hostile to them is nonsensical…but that’s where we are.

  5. cmfzed says:

    +McB may have good handwriting but I am trying real hard not to be distracted by all the childish doodles in the margins of his diary…

  6. Not says:

    Hope and pray you feel better soon.
    I have many good friends who are Traditional Nuns in full Habit.
    They are not the Nuns teaching in the Seminary. Large and in charge, no Habit but wearing matching sweat pants and top with sandals or sneakers. Of course they want to be Priest and will do whatever they can to twist Theology.

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