ROME 23/05 – Day 15: Fanning the shot

Roman sunrise was at 05:48.

I was up and the sky was mostly clear.  Not so much now.

The sunset will be at  20:26 and if things remain as they are, we won’t see it.

The Ave Maria Bells should be rung at 20:45.

We begin the Rogation Days before the Feast of the Ascension… which is THURSDAY.

This morning I postponed Mass for a bit to help with responses in the humble procession and the singing of the Litany.   Be the procession small or large, thin or thronged, there was a procession.

These particular invocations…

Ut ómnibus benefactóribus nostris sempitérna bona retríbuas. ... That it may please thee to bestow on all our benefactors thine everlasting benefits.

Te rogamus, audi nos.

Ut ánimas nostras, fratrum, propinquórum et benefactórum nostrórum ab ætérna damnatióne erípias. … That it may please thee to deliver from eternal damnation our souls, and those of our brethren, kindred, and benefactors.

Te rogamus, audi nos.

I was right there, especially praying for my monthly donors and all my benefactors, those who have made this Roman Sojourn possible.

And one of you benefactors made it possible for me to have some alstroemeria to replace the peonies that went the way of all flesh.     Here they all, all fanned out.

Also fanned out.  This is how you lay out a Roman cope or “piviale”, with the stole, alb, cincture and amice before Mass.

After Masses today, I invited a young priest who is studying in Rome, but who wondrously has connections with priests in my native place, for some breakfast.

Which cornetto is mine?

Please remember me when shopping online. Thanks in advance. US HERE – UK HERE

Here’s a puzzle. White to move. Black has a mate threat, so don’t dawdle.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

I just did some work with Igor on the “Giuoco Piano”, which seemed appropriate.

Yesterday in the Pro Chess League, the Gotham Knights defeated the Shanghai Tigers to win the 2023 championship (and a bunch of money – $25K).

Meanwhile, in Romania for the 1st leg of the Grand Chess Tour Alireza Firouzja was defeated by Jan-Krzysztof Duda. Some games were rather lackluster draws but However, the clash of Fabiano Caruana and Anish Giri had a queen sac after a Giuoco Piano, which spiced things.  At the end, Caruana had more time on his clock than when he started! Anish, a bit of a joker, later said that during a long think with his head in his hands that he had fallen asleep. Fabi is on top with three tied for 2nd, including my guy Wesley So. Wesley had a 14 move draw against Nepo. Yawn. They, especially Nepo, must be flat-lined.

Give some business to the Summit Dominicans. Check their shop!

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