ROME 23/05 – Day 18: “A little bit of chicken fried”

The sun hath arisen: 05:45. The sun shall sink: 20:29. The Ave Maria Bell would be heard to hath rung: 20:45. Verily, it soundeth not.

It is the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord, deeply mysterious.    It is Ascension THURSDAY.

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Let’s start with the puzzle today, just to mix things up.

Interesting situation and part of a longer study.  It seems that white’s pieces are on their starting squares while that pawn down the road endured the surrounding carnage to threaten promotion and victory.

Tonight The Great Roman™ shall come for spaghetti alle vongole.

I have captured the clams and sought out the spaghetto with its companions.   There remain the purge and the waiting. I’m going to try a slightly different order of preparation to see if I can streamline the process.

A priest seeing a priest seeing a priest seeing The Priest.

Yup.   This is dangerous stuff!   Isn’t it obviously against the Council and the good order of the Church?  Imagine such a thing.   A priest kneeling there for the consecration of the Eucharistic species!   Not just kneeling, but kneeling in the dark.   Without a whole bunch of people.  A perfect metaphor for how these “backwardists” truly are.  They haven’t seen the light of vernacular community gatherings around the table facing El Pueblo.   They must be crushed… obviously.

A friend was over last night and we polished off some leftovers which wound up being a kind of pseudo chicken fried steak. Darn good with a Cesanese Merlot blend.  That gravy….mmm’M.  In my haste I took no pics, but you can have this instead.

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  1. JonPatrick says:

    Not only is that priest kneeling, he appears to be wearing a CASSOCK! Doubly backwardist! This must be suppressed!

    Today I went to do Morning Prayer using my iBreviary app and it stubbornly insisted today was “the Thursday of the 6th week of Easter” so I managed to get it to load “Ascension Thursday Sunday” instead. Arrrgh. My son keeps telling me I should switch to Lauds in the Vetus Ordo app iMass. Maybe he’s right.

  2. VForr says:

    Even my secular wall calendar notes today is “Ascension of the Lord.” (As a side note, it has all the major Catholic feasts listed which I was surprised to discover. Even the “Assumption of Mary” is listed.)

    I love that photo you took. Thank you for sharing.

    Additionally, I thought to ask my mom to use your affiliate link for a rather large order. Hope it helps! Thank you, Father Z, for this blog and your daily efforts and prayers.

  3. _Dan_ says:

    Very sneaky with this puzzle Fr. Z, you had me questioning all I thought I knew about rook and pawn endgames!

    The winning move is the cheeky d8=Q, since after Kxd8 we have white with the winning O-O-O both giving check while attacking the black rook. (assuming of course that white still retains castling rights)

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