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The Mazza Hypothesis: Benedict resigned as Bishop of Rome but not Vicar of Christ. Wherein Fr. Z ponders with a heavy heart.

I’ve been pondering lately.   One needs to do this out of love.  Ponder, comes from Latin pondus, “weight”.  Hence, I am weighing things.  Augustine famously wrote, amor meus pondus meum… my love is my weight.  In Augustine’s time, gravity was thought to … Read More

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You are all going to die. That’s not a threat, it’s a fact. Great AUDIO reflection on YOUR future.

I often write about the petition in the Litany that God preserve us from a “sudden” and especially “unprovided” death, that is, no time to repent and no opportunity for the last sacraments and, hopefully, Apostolic Pardon. Ann Barnhardt, online … Read More

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