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A dowager of the catholic Left has get’s a dose of the Left’s own medicine.

A dowager of the catholic Left has, like the cobbler in the story, been given a taste of the Left’s own medicine.  She didn’t take it very well.  Her reaction was to whine about it to a writer at Hell’s Bible, … Read More

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Archbp. Hart (Archd. Melbourne) fights for the Seal of Confession against anti-Catholic statists

From ABC: Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart stands by confessional despite abuse recommendationsThe Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne has stood by the church’s stance [good grief] on keeping information on abuse gained through the confessional secret, despite a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry recommending withholding … Read More

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Fishwrap and excommunicated Australian are “shocked”

Yesterday I wrote (HERE) about the Australian now-former priest, Greg Reynolds, who received a decree of excommunication. The excommunication was issued under the aegis of Pope Francis. This has sent liberals into a tail spin. After all, isn’t Pope Francis … Read More

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This is where liberal dissent leads: liberals give the Eucharist to a dog.

From theage.com.au. Note in the second paragraph of the story that, at this blasphemous and sacrilegious “Mass”, the dissidents gave the Eucharist to a dog. Let’s not be speciesist, after all.  This is where dissent leads. Note that this priest … Read More

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