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Portuguese Bishop denies perpetual virginity of Mary

UPDATE 26 Dec: The bishop “corrected” things – he thinks – in a sermon.  HERE UPDATE 24 Dec: Note below that I wrote: “what they are reported to have said” From a reader … Quick update: as expected Bp. Linda … Read More

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Some of you long time readers may recall that I’ve been a character in a sci-fi series. I was even killed… at least once. If that isn’t a motivation to read them, I don’t know what is. I became a … Read More

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The Annunciation – The 1st Joyful Mystery

Because the vagaries of your planet’s progress around your yellow sun, and because of the whirling of it’s largest satellite, this year the Feast of the Annunciation fell on Palm Sunday.  Hence, our celebration of this great mystery has been … Read More

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Tota pulchra es, Maria

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception! When I was in seminary in Rome, the rector called everyone to the chapel and personally taught all the men this chant. Here’s another version which I love, by Maurice Durufle. It took a … Read More

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