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UPDATE – Portuguese Bishop “corrects” claims about the perpetual virginity of Mary

UPDATE 28 Dec: My correspondent sent a fast translation a new piece. Observador has written a new piece explaining the mess and quoting Bishop Linda. He appears as a victim who was unfairly involved in a misunderstanding. This was put … Read More

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Portuguese Bishop denies perpetual virginity of Mary

UPDATE 26 Dec: The bishop “corrected” things – he thinks – in a sermon.  HERE UPDATE 24 Dec: Note below that I wrote: “what they are reported to have said” From a reader … Quick update: as expected Bp. Linda … Read More

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“Rome, we have a problem.” Ed Peters on … surprises?… in new document on Consecrated Virginity.

TIMING is everything. Right now the US Association of Consecrated Virgins is in their annual meeting. THAT’s when this happens? Some time ago, Holy Church decided to revive a state in life, a vocation, that was once identified and lived … Read More

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QUAERITUR: A saint’s qualification for the title “Virgin”

From a reader: Praised be Jesus Christ!  I was recently told (by someone who heard from someone else) that in order to bear the title “Virgin”, a Saint would not only have been kept from all physical sins of impurity … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can non-virgins be nuns?

From a reader: First of all, thank you for all the work you do for your flock! What a breath of fresh air good priests are! [And it is good that there are so many!] Here’s my question; Can a … Read More

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Peace bee with you.

Not since the Barbarini will there have been so many bees around the Pope. This is from VIS: BEES FOR THE PONTIFICAL FARMS AT CASTELGANDOLFO VATICAN CITY, 20 SEP 2011 (VIS) – As part of its initiatives to mark the … Read More

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