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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: “Walking Together” with Card. Tobin when asked about people who attend the Traditional Latin Mass

UPDATE 12 Oct: From CRUX comes this. A journalist, not sure which but I have an idea, asked Card. Tobin of Newark: Tobin was asked about Catholics who feel that their concerns were not reflected in the synod’s preparatory working … Read More

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When tweets become problematic

A few days ago a priest friend texted me saying that Newark’s Archbishop Card. Tobin had begun to tweet again.  There was a hiatus in his tweeting after an… unfortunate incident. I’m wondering if someone can verify whether or not … Read More

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Omnium Gatherum: Egypt’s River and a predictably “gay” attack on a forthright bishope

I am still partially unplugged, but, having reengaged a little.   Enough to have read a few headlines, my blood-pressure to spike, and then to chuckle at something unintentionally hilarious in its entirely intended malice. First, compare and contrast. At … Read More

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