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ASK FATHER: Coalition in Support of “Ecclessia Dei” – What’s up?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Several weeks ago, I noticed that attempts to access the TLM directory at the Coalition in support of Ecclessia Dei website, were coming up with nothing. I dismissed it as a server error, but it has … Read More

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NEW STUFF! Glorious altar cards! 2015 ORDOs! Spanish/Latin Missalettes!

I have been wanting to post about a few useful items.  Let’s start with what I received today. I have written in the past about the spiffy TLM travel altar cards from SPORCH.  SPORCH is the Society for the Preservation of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Advise on missalettes, booklets for the Extraordinary Form

I had a telephone call from a friend with a question about missalettes or booklets for use by congregants who attend the Roman Rite’s Extraordinary Form of Mass. He explained that, at his church, they use the commonly found red … Read More

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