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ASK FATHER: Consecration of bishops when there is no Pope

From a reader… QUAERITUR: If Francis were to (God forbid) die tomorrow, how would that affect the rules concerning episcopal consecrations? I saw a comment on this blog saying the SSPX could likely use sede vacante periods to slip by … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s sermon for Epiphany and consecration of bishops

“Let yourselves be touched by God’s unrest, so that God’s longing for man may be fulfilled.” The Holy Father’s sermon for Epiphany and consecration of bishops.  My emphases and comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters! The Epiphany is a feast of … Read More

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Chinese bishops siezed in advance of another illicit consecration

A reader clued me into a story about another potential ecclesial train-wreck in poor China.  From Sino Daily we read this, which originated with AFP: Chinese bishops ‘taken away’ by police: report (AFP) – 1 day ago VATICAN CITY — … Read More

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