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Personal, home, cyber security and YOU

I have written many times about preparedness for emergencies, having a plan that your loved ones understand for various scenarios. I have written many times about situational awareness and having gamed our in your head various possibilities in the case … Read More

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BOOK: 2034: A Novel of the Next World War

I’ve just finished a disturbing book, 2034: A Novel of the Next World War, by Elliot Ackerman (decorated Marine, try not to hold it against him that he has written for The Daily Beast), Admiral James Stavridis (try not to … Read More

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Anthem data security breach and you

The other night I got an email from the vampire-like health insurance company Anthem telling me that (in exchange for the large amount of money I pay them every month) they were hacked and tens of millions of people’s records … Read More

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USB sticks can carry a serious security threat

This, via the Beeb. Go there for more and video: USB ‘critically flawed’ after bug discovery, researchers say Cyber-security experts have dramatically called into question the safety and security of using USB to connect devices to computers. Berlin-based researchers Karsten … Read More

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