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WDTPRS: Holy Family – children first learn who God is by knowing their parents

This coming Sunday in the post-Conciliar, Novus Ordo, Ordinary Form calendar, is the Feast of the Holy Family.   In the traditional Roman calendar, Holy Family will be on 11 January. The place God Incarnate chose to begin manifesting His sacrificial … Read More

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REVIEW: Courageous

I just watched the movie Courageous, about some men who decide they will make a special commitment to be better men and good fathers. The context is Georgia and the milieu is decidedly Baptist, though one of the main characters … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Praying “ad orientem” as a family in the home

From a reader: Since I have found your blog, I have read it with much interest. You recently had a post regarding “ad orientem” at Mass. What would be “proper”/traditional way to have a catholic family pray. We often pray in … Read More

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