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ASK FATHER: If women can’t be priests, can they be deacons?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I know women can’t become priests, but…can they become deacons? The thought never entered my mind before, but upon gathering some resources for a friend who had asked why women cannot become priests, I found a video … Read More

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Update on Deaconettes

Did you remember that the Pope formed a Committee to study the question of female deacons?  Deaconettes? Right.  Not exactly on the top of the list of things to think about. Archbishop Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, the Secretary of the Congregation … Read More

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Promoter of women “deacons” can’t speak in Archdiocese of Philadelphia

NB: The Deacon in question posted a comment, below.  Be sure to check it out. The Fishwrap is having a little nutty these days about the ordination of women. First, there is an editorial openly declaring that women should be … Read More

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