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Daily Rome Shot 445, etc.

Photo by Jacob Stein Daily Fervorino. WORDLE

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Daily Rome Shot 384

Today’s Fervorino.

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Daily Rome Shot 381

Photo by The Great Roman™ Today’s Daily Mass Fervorino. Intention: Benefactors Prayers added:

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Daily Rome Shot 379

Photo by The Great Roman™ Today’s Mass Fervorino Intention: Benefactors Prayers Added: For enemies

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“But Father! But Father!”

An alert blogging priest out there wrote to me this morning… Is Pope Francis reading Fr. Z’s blog? What would all this be about? He linked to a summary of Pope Francis non-magisterial fervorino for a weekday Mass (HERE) in … Read More

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Pope Francis AGAIN: “Who am I to judge?”

The Pope used again, on 17 March, the phrase “Who am I to judge?” in an informal, off-the-cuff context: his daily fervorino at his private Mass during which he says nothing that forms a part of his Ordinary Magisterium. At … Read More

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What did the Pope really say in his short, non-magisterial fervorino about “ideology”?

Some people are getting worked up – again – about something Pope Francis said during his morning sermonette yesterday.  His Holiness, in his non-magisterial fervorino, spoke about “ideology”.   A news report in the fervorino – HERE. Here is something … Read More

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Pope Francis on the possibility of salvation for atheists

People are sending me notes about Pope Francis’ fervorino from Mass yesterday.  News outlets (and panicky emails I am getting) are suggesting that the Pope said that atheists go to heaven.  HERE Alas, we never get what the Pope actually said in … Read More

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