Daily Rome Shot 379

Photo by The Great Roman™

Today’s Mass Fervorino
Intention: Benefactors
Prayers Added: For enemies

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  2. Geoffrey says:

    Beautiful hand missal in Latin and Italian! Is it available for purchase online anywhere?

  3. VForr says:

    This photo is beautiful to me. I cannot explain why.

  4. Sieber says:

    You mean there IS a J in Latin?

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Sieber: “Only the penitent man will pass. Only in the footsteps of God will he proceed.” – Chronicles of St. Anselm.

    There’s an amusing story about the “J” in Latin and Fr. Reginald Foster, Tier One Latin expert mentioned occasionally by Fr. Z. After Fr. Foster returned to Milwaukee after 47 years in Rome a friend of his from Rome visited. The friend mentioned he recently passed by the altar of John Paul II.

    “What does the inscription on the tomb say?” Foster was almost breathless with anxiety.
    “I think it just says ‘IOANNES PAULUS II’ or something like that.”
    “With an ‘I’ or a ‘J’?”
    “I think with an I, but I’ll have to go and check. Why?”
    “Well it’s a long story,” he said, as I settled in. “In 1978, after John Paul II was elected, he has to sign his first document, and he writes a big long loopy ‘J’ as the first letter. Now we all look at each other, and send the thing back. We say ‘We’re very sorry but there’s no ‘J’ in Latin, your Holiness. Your name is IOANNES, not JOANNES.’ Well we get a note back from him saying, ‘Quod scripsi scripsi.’ ‘What I have written, I have written.’ Basically, ‘buzz off!’ And that was just the start of it! We went back and forth on this for years. ”


  6. Sieber says:

    Semper Gumby: I had that story in mind
    However, I heard it this way: Holiness, there is no J in Latin………………..
    His response was: Well, there is now!

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