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What could possibly go wrong?

First, we have the developing COVIET Union, with its humiliating and ineffective face diaper regiment, intended to break the will of the people. Then we have massive election fraud in the most important nation on Earth, which is riddled with … Read More

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Francis: Coronavirus is nature’s “revenge”, “tantrum”, “cry” for help

I am not making this up. This is not The Onion.  Neither is this Eye of the Tiber. From Breitbart: Pope Francis: Coronavirus Pandemic Is Nature ‘Throwing a Tantrum’ ROME — Pope Francis told a Spanish journalist Sunday that nature … Read More

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Why does Francis partner with JEFFREY SACHS?

Michael (“#UniteTheClans”) Matt of The Remnant has a video with some really good information, which you should all know about.  All of you.  All of you should know this. First, some of you will be tempted to focus on Michael’s … Read More

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