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Summorum Pontificum FINALLY in modern languages on Vatican website. (It only took 6 years.)

Some people have of late been concerned that Pope Francis and his minions were on the verge of overturning Pope Benedict’s provisions in Summorum Pontificum (aka The Emancipation Proclamation).  Summorum Pontificum is arguably one of the most important, long-reaching acts … Read More

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Waiting for Magyar – UPDATE!

In these five short years, vatican.va has already managed to post Summorum Pontificum in Latin and Hungarian! But wait!  vatican.va still has nothing on the Holy Father’s Letter to German-speaking bishops about the translation of “pro multis“! Could we at least … Read More

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Prayer before connecting to the internet – UPDATE! – New language

A long time ago now, I wrote a prayer for people to use before they got online and used the internet.  Originally in Latin, it has been translated into many languages (sometimes more than once). I often forget to pray … Read More

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Another Vatican website quirk concerning Summorum Pontificum

Under another entry in the combox, our friend iPadre pointed out that, at the time of this writing. on the Vatican website, the Supreme Pontiff’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum is still provided only in Latin and Hungarian. Languages equally comprehensible … Read More

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