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“I collect books just as others store grain….”

From the Laudator comes something with which I can sympathize: Yuan Mei (1716–1797), Book Storage, tr. J.D.Schmidt: I collect books just as others store grain, And bitterly complain I don’t have enough granaries. In order to make space for a … Read More

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Reading certain things in certain places

The great Laudator has a fun entry today about the best places in which to read certain authors. I resonate mightily with this a amusing post, since I have fond memories of a summer sitting in the sun reading 19th … Read More

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WDTPRS is (mostly) a Kumbaya Free Zone

From the great Laudator: Perhaps the song Kumbaya is not really an African-American spiritual dating from the 1930s, but rather a vestige of an ancient Greek skolion, a drinking song. Could kumbaya be a corruption of the plural of Greek … Read More

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