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Crux – Fr. Z’s initial observations

I have been watching the new initiative from the Boston Globe, with the involvement of former Fishwrap writer John Allen: Crux. I have some initial observations. Happily, it seems to me that Crux has the potential to make the National catholic Fishwrap irrelevant. … Read More

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When Biases Trump Brains II – Lisa Miller stumbles again

Lisa Miller is exactly what Newsweek wants in a religion writer.  She is a liberal anti-Catholic and not terribly well prepared to write about her topics.  In other words, she’ll lead similarly prepared readers to exactly the right – that … Read More

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When Biases Trump Brains

Newsweek seems to be trying to outstrip even itself in its anti-Catholic, secularist biases.  Why else would they employ someone as thick as Lisa Miller as a religion editor? Miller has only one view of the Catholic Church: a secular … Read More

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