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Visual studies in contrasts

Go to CatholicVote for this post by Tom Hoopes. Brilliant.

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An unusually good Newsweek piece about clerical sexual abuse – be sure to read

It is unusual to find something good in Newsweek but this is good. People have been charging that sexual abuse of children is somehow more prevalent among Catholics and that this is due to priestly celibacy and its all male … Read More

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When Biases Trump Brains

Newsweek seems to be trying to outstrip even itself in its anti-Catholic, secularist biases.  Why else would they employ someone as thick as Lisa Miller as a religion editor? Miller has only one view of the Catholic Church: a secular … Read More

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How anti-Catholic is Newsweek? They published Richard McBrien.

How anti-Catholic is Newsweek?   They published a piece by Richard McBrien. As you read this keep in mind a couple things. First, Richard McBrien is a liberal dissident.  He detests Pope Benedict.  That is what his following dreck is about. … Read More

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How to be wrong every time: another WaPo blogger screws up

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo, a blogger with Newsweek/WaPo, has the amazing penchant for being wrong. You might remember some of his other accomplishments along these lines, for example, his ululation when Bp. Martino of Scranton resigned.  Or his agreement with Planned Parenthood. … Read More

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