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NCFishwrap, Sr. Fiedler, Fr. Bourgeois… what could go wrong?

The National Catholic Fishwrap continues in it open dissent against the Church’s formally and irrevocably defined doctrine concerning ordinary of males only, as in only men, exclusively men, no women, not even wymyn. We have seen Sr. Maureen Fiedler before.  … Read More

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NCFishwrap: Getting it wrong about people who are getting it right.

When it comes to the Condom Conundrum the National Catholic Fishwrap is in full twit about the Pope’s comments concerning condoms. A couple days ago I nicknamed this dust up the “Condom Conundrum”.  I see that this is being picked … Read More

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Archbp. Dolan elected – Liberals go bananas

From the Catholic League: ARCHBISHOP DOLAN’S CRITICS FREAK OUT Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the way some of the critics of New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan are reacting to his election yesterday as the new head of the … Read More

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NCR has a nutty about Card. Burke’s observations about voting

Yesterday in an entry about comments made by soon-to-be Card. Burke and the responsibilities of voters in this upcoming mid-term election, I foretold that liberals would claim that Burke was “telling people how to vote”. Arch-liberal Maureen Fielder, a dissenting … Read More

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NCR’s Sr. Fiedler gushes over the death of the late pro-abortion Catholic Senator

At the passing of the… do we have to hear the cliche one more time… okay “liberal lion” of the Senate, absolutely committed pro-abortion Catholic Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), reactions – especially panegyrics – are coming in from the weak-identity … Read More

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