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An American bishop calls the Kennedy funeral a “scandal”

As I have been repeating, the funeral for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy is still forcing us to think, and discuss, a) what funerals are for, b) what public scandal is. Many people are now confused. Confusion is precisely one … Read More

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A parish priest’s feedback about the funeral of Sen. Kennedy

I have received a great deal of feedback by e-mail from readers concerning my comments on the funeral of the late Edward Kennedy, pro-abortion Catholic Senator. Most of the feedback was what you might expect: we should celebrate Kennedy’s life, … Read More

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NCR’s Sr. Fiedler gushes over the death of the late pro-abortion Catholic Senator

At the passing of the… do we have to hear the cliche one more time… okay “liberal lion” of the Senate, absolutely committed pro-abortion Catholic Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), reactions – especially panegyrics – are coming in from the weak-identity … Read More

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