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WDTPRS: The Traditional Latin Mass and the NON-Traditional Latin Mass (Novus Ordo) are NOT the same simply because they are both in Latin. Wherein Fr. Z explains also the motives of those who attack the TLM.

The hatred shown for traditional sacred liturgical worship of the Roman Church, and the excuses claimed for its marginalization and extirpation are rooted in more than “Spirit of Vatican II” ideology and it’s companion specter, the papalatrous “Spirit of Vatican … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Getting a blessing at Communion time. Fr. Z rants.

From a reader: We hope to bring 2 children (extended family) to Mass on Christmas Eve. They have not been baptized. QUAERITUR: Are unbaptized children allowed to go up to Communion with their arms crossed and receive a blessing? What … Read More

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PRAYERCAzT/PODCAzT: Trinity Sunday: singing the whole nine yards

I again inflict my singing on you for most of this project. Quite a while back I started a PRAYERCAzT series, wherein I read and/or sang the prayers and readings for upcoming Sundays and Feasts for the Extraordinary Form.  I … Read More

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