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Bp Campbell’s Press Release: “I have not closed down Protect the Pope.” ACTION ITEM!

ACTION ITEM BELOW! Take a second and click HERE. Over the last few weeks we have watched the developing circumstances surrounding the blog Protect The Pope, run by an English permanent deacon, and the Diocese of Lancaster.  HERE  Most recently I … Read More

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A bishop kills a deacon’s Catholic blog

This is rather sad news. We have seen what happened between an English permanent deacon and his diocesan bishop over the deacon’s blog. Now this: Bishop Michael Campbell effectively closes Protect the Pope BY M DONNELLY, ON APRIL 29TH, 2014 … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Spike the stats for an oppressed blogger! ¡Vaya lío!

Everyone, please do me a favor.  This is a simple ACTION ITEM!  ¡Vaya lío! Visit the blog Protect The Pope.  Spike the traffic over there big time today.  Even if it is just for a brief hit-and-run look-see. Click HERE! Tens … Read More

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A deacon’s blog suppressed

I want everyone to know about this. This was posted at the blog Protect The Pope, which was run by Deacon Nick Donnelly. Diocese of Lancaster’s statement about Deacon Nick Donnelly BY M DONNELLY, ON MARCH 13TH, 2014 The Bishop’s office … Read More

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