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Blinky light shoes at Mass

I am, oh joy, at the annual diocesan assembly of priests.  Always, enlightening. Speaking of enlightening, the subject of altar “servers” wearing blinky light shoes came up. Have you seen those?   With every step a light flashes? Where I am … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Regular genuflections and… shoes

From a reader… QUAERITUR: All my previous shoes I used during the liturgy [?] died from the same plague. The sole of the right shoe is broken, presumably, due to regular genuflections. I guess the wisdom of the Church should … Read More

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The unadorned, laceless, black clogs of the fisherman

Some time ago I wrote: Imagine being 76 with a flare up of sciatica and, on your election as Pope, being told, “Here, Your Holiness, change into these new shoes and then stand a long time while we greet you … Read More

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