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Clarifications clarify the clarity of the clearness clarified.

I’m torn.  I really am. On the one hand, don’t you wish they would just stop talking?  Stop writing? For example, the new guy to head up the Dicastery (yeah, that’s what we call it now) for the Doctrine of … Read More

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New Prefect of DOCTRINE

The new Prefect of the Dicastery for Doctrine of the Faith is… incredibly… Archbp. Víctor Manuel Fernández You will know him as a ghost writer for his boss.  Questions of plagiarism were raised in regard to Amoris laetitia.  HERE He is also … Read More

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Is ‘Amoris laetitia’ compromised because of ghostwriter plagiarism?

There is a bit of hard reporting and analysis at Crux today which merits close attention. Also, at the end, I have a face-saving solution for everyone regarding the Five Dubia and controversy about Amoris laetitia Chapter 8. Here is some helpful … Read More

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