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The Feeder Feed: unhappy edition (with a REQUEST… and some useful Latin)

This is not my shot.  I found it on the Twitter feed of Glacier National Park via Disputations. Behold, Sialia pissedofftica, aka the Bluebird of Unhappiness. It is the winter that will not end. With that… if you use Twitter … Read More

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PODCAzT 112: Winter poems – corrected

Well… I went and did it again.  I made a PODCAzT. And then I screwed up and posted the wrong audio file.   I have now corrected that.  Sorry. I’m not going to say what’s in it other than that there … Read More

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“And the old deserted Year / Seems dying with the day”

With a tip of the biretta to the Laudator. Thomas Caulfield Irwin (1823-1892), December: It is bleak December noon, Winter-wild and rainy grey: By the old road thinly strewn Drifts of dead leaves skirt the way: Oh! the long canals … Read More

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PODCAzT 97: Ambrose to a new bishop; In The Bleak Midwinter

Here is a spur of the moment PODCAzT which I put together in record speed!  As I approach 100 PODCAzTs I am trying to figure out what I want to do with these audio projects, change formats, keep going, or … Read More

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