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ASK FATHER: Cursed by a witch through a dating site. Now really bad things are happening.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Hi Father, Here is a hard one, and a subject you would probably rather avoid.  But I truly need to talk to someone and I hope you can offer a few words of advice. What happened … Read More

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Loony-tune “witches” to hex Pres. Trump. Wherein Fr. Z has an idea!

The New York Daily News informs us that … [Fake] Witches of the world will cast a mass spell on President Trump on Friday night The next four years could spell double, double, toil and trouble for President Trump. [Fraudulent] … Read More

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23 June – Vigil of St. John – bonfires and witch burnings, solstices and snails

It is nice to have as your Patron the great Baptist, for I get two feasts a year, his Nativity and his Beheading. For the Vigil of St. John (today, as I write) in the old Roman Ritual the priest … Read More

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Risible but not funny

I wrote some time ago that that Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams may soon want to issue a document Romanorum coetibus whereby he would create a safe haven in the very loose Anglican embrace for the editor and readers of The … Read More

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