ASK FATHER: How to support priests? Prepare for underground Church?

From a reader…


Father – how can we support our good priests and seminarians, knowing how they are targeted by some in the hierarchy? It seems that the ability for the laity to influence the Church has declined over the centuries and power has been so consolidated that we are almost powerless. But it is our Church too and our sons and daughters mistreated, especially the seminarians. Are we going to need underground Churches as in England after the schism? But it is our own hierarchy that is corrupt, not a secular power – what can we do to prepare for the days ahead?

Good points.

How to support priests? Tell them when they are doing a good job. An “atta boy” can be a boost. I know that each time a get an “atta boy” in the form of an email or donation or something from my lists, it bouys me up. We don’t do what we do for praise, but some positive feedback helps us know that we are getting through. We pick ourselves up and redouble our efforts.

Underground churches … I think that there is great wisdom the Latin phrase: “Si vis pacem para bellum… if you want peace, they prepare for war.” It is better to have everything in place and not need it, than to need it and not have it in place.

Therefore, I suggest that people network with a solid, sympathetic priest and make some preparations against the day when we are harassed from the public square and driven out of our properties and into the streets.

It is a good think the think about various scenarios and imagine responses. That way, when something happens, we are not wholly off guard and unprepared.

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Ex ore infantium perfecisti laudem! 3 year old “priest’s” theological observation and a Salve

Remember the moment in The Return of the King (book, of course) when Frodo and Sam are slogging through dreary Mordor and there is a fleeting break in the never-ending clouds and they see a star?

Today I received this via email from someone who was at the Sunday Mass I celebrated this morning.

Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf,

I remember you mentioning that you enjoy it when kids draw pictures. I thought you might enjoy this story, a picture of words, from my 3-year-old son, (whom you baptized!), this morning at mass as he watched you place the extra hosts back in the tabernacle after the distribution of Holy Communion:

“Mom! Jesus is putting Jesus back into the wall up there!”

I was about to correct him and say that “Fr. Zuhlsdorf is putting Jesus in the tabernacle.” But then I thought to myself, “He’s not wrong, in the alter Christus sort of way.” And so I didn’t correct him. I suppose in the maturity of later years we can discuss the theological distinctions. For the time being, thank you for being an alter Christus for our entire family.

Here’s a video of ___ (and his 2-year-old brother, ___ in the background) from last month singing the Salve Regina. Enjoy!



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Letters of Bishops compared. Quite a contrast.

The other day Bp. Morlino (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary) posted a great Letter to the people of the Diocese of Madison about the present crisis. I wrote on it HERE.

Many bishops have issued statements or letters to their flocks.  Some are good.

Today, I saw an interesting tweet.

Intersting, no?

There is, however, 1 mention of “policy” in Bp. Morlino’s letter. Still.

Catholic World Report has an article about Bp. Morlino’s letter. The title of the CWR piece nails it:

Bishop Morlino condemns “homosexual subculture” in the hierarchy

That’s it, isn’t it.

Morlino also stressed, in his letter, that he was going to keep a serious watch on the seminarians where the 30 guys go for the diocese.


Breitbart has a piece about Bp. Morlino’s letter.

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass you frequented in fulfillment of your Sunday obligation?

Let us know what it was!

For my part, for the TLM, we had the Gospel reading about the 10 lepers who begged the Lord for healing.

Given that Bp. Morlino issued a super letter for the people of the Diocese of Madison, I riffed on a point that he made about the need for “more hate”.  We need to hate sin more.

We have become numb to sin in a lot of cases.   Numbness to sin was a key to the present crisis.

One of the symptoms of the onset of Hanson’s Disease, leprosy, is numbness.

The lepers went to the Lord, who said they should go to the priests.  Hence, many preachers talk about CONFESSION on this Sunday.

I also took notice of the fact that they “stood far off” and called to the Lord.

The OT law required lepers to stay away from people.  They didn’t know that leprosy takes a while to acquire.  That said, since lepers are often taken to be, symbolically, sinners who would make other unclean, from there I went into the point of avoiding scandal, making other people into sinners by bad example.  I gave a couple concrete instances of what we might do that could lead people to sin.

I reminded them that there are various ways in which we can be guilty of the sins committed by others.  Committing scandal, that leads others to sin, is one of them.

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ACTION ITEM! Help the nuns complete their beautiful monastic church!

UPDATE 19 August 2018:

Great news!   The wonderful Benedictines are being promoted.  The will soon have a Abbess instead of a Prioress.

Hence, come September there will be a traditional consecration of an Abbess.  That hasn’t happened in these USA for a while.


Remember to help the sisters BUILD.

Remember that their work is the pray in support of bishops and priests.

Originally Published on: Jun 21, 2018

The superb traditional Benedictine nuns in Missouri, famous for their music CD’s and for their fine vestments, have begun the last phase of building their chapel.

The community is dedicated to prayer for priests.  From their site:

Having received our call to emulate Our Lady in her final, hidden years, we offer our lives in prayer and sacrifice for priests. These are the new apostles of the Church who bear her truth to the world. We anticipate the coming of the Lord as Our Lady anticipated her Assumption, singing the psalms as she did, until we are admitted into the life of endless praise that is to come. In the meantime, we extend customary Benedictine hospitality most especially to priests, our spiritual sons, and strive to offer them the spiritual refurbishment so often denied them in their zealous work.

Bless them.

Here is your ACTION ITEM!  From their site, how they will raise funds to complete their church.

Give tribute to a priest who has been an instrument of grace for you or your loved ones through our Ad Altare Dei board. Or, if you are a priest, consider making a gift in thanksgiving for your priesthood.

Each priest’s name will also be engraved on a plaque in the vestibule of our new church.

The image came to mind of 1 Peter 2 which likens us to “living stones” which build the Church.  In this case, the intentions of priests are the final bricks that go into the building of the chapel in which they will pray for priests.


BTW… if any of you want to collaborate for a plaque just put the name of the same priest in when you make your donations.

Choose any priest you want.   Remember, however, that the proper spelling of his last name will always be: Z-U-H-L-S-D-O-R-F and his ordination date was 26 May 1991.

You can donate online or send a check.   Please look at their site and let other people know about it?

This is a great project.

Look at some of the photo of the construction HERE.



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URGENT: HIDEOUS about SYMBOL on pastel vestments for World Meeting of Families in Dublin @WMOF2018

The other day I posted – HERE – about the truly weird vestments designed for the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Dublin.

At first, I objected to the impression given by the pastel colors chosen.

It seems to me that, in Ireland and in this time of renewed clerical crisis, this is NOT the best choice.  In fact, it is completely tone deaf.

Or is it?

Then the comments started coming in about the symbols on the vestments.   “Maybe, so, maybe not,” I thought.

But wait.  There’s more.

I got an email from a reader who said that the swirly symbol is quite like the – blech blech blech – symbol used on the flag – even they have a flag – of the BDSM types (Bondage Discipline Sado-Masochism).

He said I would find the symbol at the wikipedia site for BDSM.   DO NOT GO THERE.  I found it.  Blech.  Here it is.  In two forms.

I don’t even want to post their graphic file, so I will make a screen shot instead.

I had also posted about the Italian proverb that, “Il diavolo non può nascondere le corna… The Devil can’t hide his horns.”

In fact, the Devil doesn’t want to hide them.

The Devil always tells us what he is up to, if we are paying attention.

Start adding up all the things going on.

I have to ask…



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Letter of @BishopMorlino of @MadisonDiocese concerning the present crisis

Many bishops in these USA and in Canada are making statements in wake of L’Affaire McCarrick and the PA Grand Jury Report. Some are better than others.

The Bishop of Madison, Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary) has issued a letter to the faithful entrusted to his care.

Remember that when reading these letters from bishops, even while we around the world are able to read them and even as the bishops know that, these bishops uniformly address themselves to the faithful their own diocese. Because of this, I, personally, pay attention to what these bishops say they are going to do, practically and concretely with and for their flocks.

In Bishop Morlino’s letter to the faithful of Madison, I saw a three things that are especially striking.

First, he calls for “more hatred”.

If you’ll permit me, what the Church needs now is more hatred! As I have said previously, St. Thomas Aquinas said that hatred of wickedness actually belongs to the virtue of charity. As the Book of Proverbs says “My mouth shall meditate truth, and my lips shall hate wickedness (Prov. 8:7).” It is an act of love to hate sin and to call others to turn away from sin.

Then he goes on to underscores what so obviously lies at the core of this crisis, namely, the influence of homosexuality, not just pedophilia, but homosexuality.

There must be no room left, no refuge for sin – either within our own lives, or within the lives of our communities. To be a refuge for sinners (which we should be), the Church must be a place where sinners can turn to be reconciled. In this I speak of all sin. But to be clear, in the specific situations at hand, we are talking about deviant sexual – almost exclusively homosexual – acts by clerics. We’re also talking about homosexual propositions and abuses against seminarians and young priests by powerful priests, bishops, and cardinals. We are talking about acts and actions which are not only in violation of the sacred promises made by some, in short, sacrilege, but also are in violation of the natural moral law for all. To call it anything else would be deceitful and would only ignore the problem further.

There has been a great deal of effort to keep separate acts which fall under the category of now-culturally-acceptable acts of homosexuality from the publically-deplorable acts of pedophilia. That is to say, until recently the problems of the Church have been painted purely as problems of pedophilia – this despite clear evidence to the contrary. It is time to be honest that the problems are both and they are more.

Before anyone freaks out, Bp. Morlino also clear says that homosexual inclinations are not, in themselves, sinful, but rather, as the Church teaches, disordered.  He emphasizes hatred of sin but love for the sinner. “[While hating the sin, we must never hate the sinner, who is called to conversion, penance, and renewed communion with Christ and His Church, through His inexhaustible mercy.”

Watch the libs in the local press ignore that point while they pile on attacks on him … as is their cliché wont.

Lastly, he makes a concrete declaration about reparation, which I’ve been bashing on about for a while.

Finally, I ask you all to join me and the entire clergy of the Diocese of Madison in making public and private acts of reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for all the sins of sexual depravity committed by members of the clergy and episcopacy. I will be offering a public Mass of reparation on Friday, September 14, the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross, at Holy Name Heights and I ask all pastors to do the same in their own parishes. In addition, I ask that all priests, clergy, religious, and diocesan employees join me in observing the upcoming Autumn Ember Days (Sep. 19, 21, and 22) as days of fasting and abstinence in reparation for the sins and outrages committed by members of the clergy and episcopacy and I invite all the faithful to do the same. Some sins, like some demons, can only be driven out by prayer and fasting.

His reference to the Ember Days is great.  The Ember days, still in the traditional liturgical calendar, are days of penance, a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, four times a year, in general at the time of the change of the seasons.  Old mnemonic rhymes place them close to the Feast of St. Lucy in December, during Lent, after Pentecost, and near the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.  For example, “Lenty, Penty, Crucy, Lucy”, or else “Fasting days and Emberings be / Lent, Whitsun, Holyrood, and Lucie.

What most people today don’t know is that in the booklet that convey’s the official liturgical calendar for the newer, post-Conciliar Novus Ordo, and in the GIRM, the Ember Days are mentioned for local churches.  I wrote about Novus Ordo Ember Days HERE.





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WDTPRS – 20th Ordinary Sunday: invisible love, pulsing with longing

Giacomo Galli – Christ Displaying His Wounds

The Collect for the 20th Ordinary Sunday, found also in the 8th century Gelasian Sacramentary, is in the 1962 Missale Romanum for the 5th Sunday after Pentecost.

Deus, qui diligentibus te bona invisibilia praeparasti, infunde cordibus nostris tui amoris affectum, ut, te in omnibus et super omnia diligentes, promissiones tuas, quae omne desiderium superant, consequamur.

Our prayer has many different words for love and longing: diligo, amor, affectus and the related cor, desiderium, promissioAffectus means “a state of body, and especially of mind produced in one by some influence, affection, mood: love, desire, fondness, good will, compassion, sympathy.”  The marvelous diligo means initially, “to value or esteem highly, to love”.  It also has the impact of being careful  and attentive, as in English “diligent”.  When you love, you give your best.  Desiderium is “a longing, ardent desire or wish, properly for something once possessed; grief, regret for the absence or loss of any thing [or person].” Cor is, of course, “heart” and promissio “promise”.  Consequor means, among other things, “pursue, go after, attend, to follow” and also, “to follow a model, copy, obey”.  It indicates, “to follow a preceding cause as an effect, to be the consequence, to arise or proceed from.”  I will say “attain.”


O God, who have prepared unseen goods for those loving You, pour into our hearts the disposition of Your love, so that we, loving you in all things and above all things, may attain Your promises, which surpass every desire.


God our Father, may we love you in all things and above all things and reach the joy you have prepared for us beyond all our imagining.


O God, who have prepared for those who love you good things which no eye can see, fill our hearts, we pray, with the warmth of your love, so that, loving you in all things and above all things, we may attain your promises, which surpass every human desire.

Today’s Collect pulses with longing.

When this is sung aloud – FATHERS…. please sing our prayers more often? In Latin? – I hear a connection between invisibilia at the beginning and promissiones at the end.

The concepts are ordered into a climax, beginning with the ways that we can love on our own (the starting point as the prayer begins), namely, that at first we love with “natural” love, previous to or apart from our new Christian character given to us through baptism.  We then move beyond mere human loves.  We can love, in this world, with the help of the grace which we ask God to pour into our hearts (charity).  Then we aim at the love which awaits us in heaven, a love beyond anything we can experience in this life.  This Love will complete our every hope and desire.

Everything God promised is already fulfilled for us, but we still have to live in love to have later Love Himself.

What a mystery it is that, even though Christ defeated death, we must still pass through death to have Love’s unimaginable fulfillment.

What awaits us at our entrance into the Beatific vision is unimaginable.  For now, however, we can only ache for the completion of what God promised.

Although we have, in our Collect, an ascent in and to Love personified, we shouldn’t oppose natural and supernatural loves.

Human love, sometimes called eros, isn’t automatically in conflict with “religious love”.  We are human beings, not angels.  We must avoid the extreme of trying to profane what is supernatural by locking it into the finite and, on the other hand, in this life paying attention to purely spiritualized supernatural love, which would render us ineffective in regard to Our Lord’s two-fold command of love for God and neighbor.

Our good earthly loves are fulfilled in the perfect love which is only in God.  Grace builds on nature, it doesn’t destroy it.  In redeeming us, God did not undo us. He lifts up who and what we are and makes us whole again.

We therefore long for Love, we reach out to it, thirsting for its fullness, its completing, it healing, transforming power. This is the promise we live for in this vale of tears.

Though this is summer, consider the Preface for Christmas, the celebration of Love Incarnate and finally visible:

“For through the mystery of the incarnate Word, the new light of Your glory dazzled the eyes of our mind, so that while we know God visibly, through Him we may be snatched up into invisible love… (in invisibilem amorem rapiamur).”

Richard of St. Victor, in his work on contemplation, cites the phrase: “Love is the eye and to love is to see”, or more precisely “where your is love is, there is your eye” (Ubi amor ibi oculus – Benjamin minor 13 – sometimes cites as “Amor oculus est, et amare videre est.”).

Our Collects teaches us that love is the key to seeing the one who is otherwise unseeable.

Practically speaking, couldn’t this also be a starting point for consideration of…

custodia oculorum… custody of the eyes.

Some options

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Terrific movement of prayer for priests: Seven Sisters Apostolate

Recently, I’ve written about some things that bishops and priests should do in this crisis time.  I’ve also made suggestions to lay people about things they can do.

However, there is one thing that lay people can do… especially lay women… which will be of enormous value in the coming days.

Last June, I attended a party arranged for the 90th birthday of a priest friend in my native place at the parish where he still helps on Sundays.  The pastor there is also an old friend.  While I was there, I kept hearing references to the “Seven Sisters”.  I inquired and learned of this great apostolate.

Seven Sisters Apostolate

This is a bit of a movement, actually.

In essence, 7 women and perhaps a couple alternates, commit for 1 year to 1 hour of prayer for 1 priest each week.   Hence, there is a lady on Monday, one on Tuesday, etc., ideally in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

In some cases, though this is not obligatory, the priest or bishop may not even know who they are.

There are good resources at their site.

This is a terrific apostolate.   They are in the process of having the movement designated as an association of the faithful.

May I suggest to some of you women who read here regularly that you might contact them and seek to start a local group for your local bishop and priests, the pastor of your parish, a retired priest, where you are?

Also, I would not object were a group of Seven Sisters might consider praying for me.   Perhaps one of you know six others where you live who also read this blog.

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Archbp. Cordileone’s Letter to the people of @ArchdioceseSF Fr. Z kudos and a mini-rant.

A priest friend sent me a copy of the letter address to the people of the Archdiocese of San Francisco by his Excellency Most Rev. Samuel Cordileone. His letter addresses the present crisis.

The letter is impressive.

Among the things which impressed me the most were the following points.

1)  He mentioned “the raw ambition” of some, and behavior on the part of Church leaders that he described as “despicable, reprehensible, and absolutely unbecoming of a man of God.”
2) He was inspired by the “purity of motivation, their great love for Christ and his church” on the part of his seminarians.
3) Along with all the consultation, review, blah, blah, he has asked the priests and people to “engage in prayer, penance and adoration as an act of reparation for sins against chastity and the reverence due to the Blessed Sacrament, in accordance with our Lady’s wishes.”
4) He earnestly implores everyone to pray the rosary daily and as a family at least once a week; practice Friday penance by abstaining from eating meat and one other additional act of fasting; spending one hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament at least once a week.”

Note the emphasis on reparation.

Fr. Z kudos to Archbp. Cordileone.

He really got my attention when he brought up ambition.

I can understand and have a lot of sympathy for a lot of sins that priests commit.  Priests are human beings and they have weaknesses like everyone else.  Also, some sins are worse than others.  Mere sins of the flesh, in the normal course of things (not the twisted behavior of those who also exert power over a potential target), are not as horrid as certain other sins of the spirit.  Sins of the flesh are enough, of course, to kill the life of grace in the soul, but they are still on the low end of the scale.   Ambition, however, clerical ambition is one that I have struggle even to forgive.  Ambition is twisted and it twists men to the point that they will do just about anything to anyone to get ahead, no matter what it costs other people who are perceived as being “in their way”.  I have the knife scars in my ecclesiastical back to prove it.

Rare and rare and rarer yet is the man who wants to advance because he, in humility, recognizes that he has skill and he wants to use them truly to serve.   I’ve known only two.

O Lord, how I loathe clerical ambition!   Those who burn with “scarlet fever” merit the deepest cinders of Hell.  Queen of the Clergy, help us.


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Wherein Fr. Z offers one of the hardest posts he has ever written – UPDATED WITH YOUR COMMENTS

This foreword was written after I wrote the rest, as forewords usually are.  This is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written.  It was physically uncomfortable to hack this out, and I had to stop several times and walk around before taking up the sword again.  I suppose I will hesitate a few times and pray a bit before I hit that PUBLISH button.

One of our comments, under another post, mentions the website of a priest, Fr. Edwin Palka, who explains why some priests have not blown the whistle on homosexual priests and homosexual priest predators.  Frankly, his post put some steel into my fingers.

Priests can set discouraging examples for their brethren.  They can also set good example for encouragement.

What he wrote is grisly.  It is also true.   He opens the Ugly Box to let a little purifying sunshine in.  I will do the same, and in the same vein.

Folks, I know that you are really angry.  The depth of ugly you see in the news is often not nearly as deep as the ugly that some priests see.  You are surely and rightly angry.  Do you think that we priests are not?

I have to remind myself that when Our Lord cursed the fig tree before His Passion, that wasn’t the model that we priests should employ when it comes to homosexual predator priests.

And let’s be clear.  This scandal is about HOMOSEXUALITY.

Some of these homosexual predators are, I think, possessed.   Think about it.  If you know anything about demonic activity, and this is something that lay people should not get too involved with, then you know that certain demons specialize in certain kinds of sins.  They will attach themselves like spiritual lampreys to the souls of people who commit them and also to the places where the sins were committed.  Once a demon gets hold, they claim the right to be there, until the layers of their connection are broken one by one.  That’s what exorcism rites do: they break the legalistic claims of the Enemy to be there.

Homosexual sins are particularly grave and their demonic force is concomitantly vile.  And these sins also involve the young or those who are subject to the authority or power of the predator.  Millstones are not enough.   If you wonder about the Lord and capital punishment, HE spoke of the millstone before the Church did.

That’s the supernatural side.  There is also the natural side.  It seems to me that men with these strong disordered inclinations don’t… how to put this… act like other men.  They think differently, they work out differences differently.  I know, I know.  But that’s my sense of things.  It’s hard to articulate.

To explain another issue, I have a couple of anecdotes.

First, way back when, as a seminarian, I remember the pastor of my parish telling us young guys not to write our name in our breviaries or prayer books.  He explained that were we to lose the book, someone could claim that it was found in a “house of assignation”.   Some of the guys thought that was funny.  I didn’t.  My folks were cops.  I grew up hearing about and seeing photos of the ugliest human circumstances imaginable. I figured out “blackmail” and “compromise” waaaaay back.   Also, if you talk to cops who have been on the job for a while, they will confirm that male on male “violence” is among the worst that they see.  Ask cops if you know any pretty well.  Ask ER docs and nurses what they see come in and how it was inflicted.   Here’s a not so little factoid for you: In Italian, a derogatory term for a homosexual male is “froccio”, which etymologically comes from Latin ferox, “savage”.  Are all that way?  No.  Of course not.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who are.

Next, still as a seminarian, over breakfast a then-auxiliary bishop told me that when he reported on something to the archbishop, he was shut down: “If I know about it, I might have to do something about it!”  Then the auxiliary said, “Remember, John, there are old women of both sexes.”  That would be confirmed countless times in the next years.  When I went to the seminary rector to complain about the things I was hearing through the walls, their treatment of me only worsened and I got thrown out the second time.  That’s how I got to Rome.

In Rome, because I was in the unusual position of curial work and seminary, because of my youth, etc., I was subtly warned of certain well-placed people who would offer this or that, to open this door, to invite into that circle, to climb more quickly, to gain some favors, etc.  I was being warned, mainly, about two groups, the Mafia and homosexuals.  Both groups – along with Masons, but I think they were in both these other tribes – wanted insiders, and I was perceived at the time as having the potential to be advanced.  Sure enough, every once in a while I would get an invitation, a gift out of the blue, a strong suggestion that X might be a good choice to get ahead.  Years later I read of one of them, a gentiluomo di Sua Santità, found tied up with his head bashed in and homosexual porno video in the VCR.  I had met him at the Lateran University, where he for some reason was taking courses along with the seminarians.  My “gaydar” is strong, so this guy didn’t get far with me.  But some of my classmates….

As a priest, I quickly figured out that, if you were on the wrong side of things, you would be subtly and not so subtly targeted for persecution, of course, but also for compromise, be it homosexual, heterosexual, money, drugs, ambition, whatever your weakness might be.  They would set honey traps for you.

If you think about it, if you try to think like the Enemy, doesn’t that make sense?  If you can’t get someone to join you in your slime, but you suspect he has your number, you try to get something on him.  Many years ago now, a woman told me about a meeting she went to of some pro-choice feminist organization or other.  She said that one of the things they talked about, after the more public meeting was over, was figuring out which one of them could target for seduction certain priests in the diocese who were overtly preaching against contraception and abortion.  One of them would do it or they could hire hookers and set honey traps.

It’s classic spycraft, really.  Compromise the guy to shut him up.

The problem is, most priests are compassionate guys who, when faced with a woman in distress, might let their guard down.   Face facts.  Women, who are wired in certain ways, think differently than men.  They can wrap guys around their lipstick case if they aren’t wary, and men often are not wary enough.   Some tears and a little GBH can work wonders on the naive.  That technique goes for the “gay” predators as well. This is one reason why I think that homosexual predators of young men think differently, apart from the help of the demons in their heads.

Also, as a priest, there are the truly sacrilegious ways that some of these agents of Hell will work to shut up priests who don’t and won’t putt from the ruff.  They use the Seal of the confessional against the solid non-queer priest confessor.  They go to confession to a good confessor to bind him by the Seal.  Of course that is pretty underhanded, satanic even.  It is a horrible sacrilege.  A lot of good priests know that if they hear something in the confessional they must never ever talk about it.  They don’t know what to do, and, in prudence, they clam up about their brethren.  This is one reason why the Church’s law discourages a superior of hearing the confessions of those under his authority.

I know guys who simply couldn’t take it anymore and quit.   There have been moments when I’ve thought about it myself.  But then my cold Prussian fury and stubbornness flares and, I’m sure, the grace to stick it out for whatever I am destined to do or endure.

Dear readers… this is all out war.   It is war on every level, human and supernatural.   The Enemy of the soul is a really good general, a relentless and malevolent tactician of destruction of souls and long view strategist   The Enemy preys on human weakness.  War is horrible, vicious and seriously ugly.  Spiritual war is worse than material.

Even now, I was texting with a friend about this new wave of dreck.  He wrote:

These bastards have not only violated countless innocents and stained the Catholic name. They have set in motion the process that will lead good men to suffer greatly to defend celibacy and the seal of confession. It would be so easy to feed a few certified perverts to the secular justice and gain time to ascertain the facts on all others. Because, make no mistake, innocents will be accused and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to talk about burden of the proof without accusations of cover up. Innocents will have again to pay the price of reform the hard way.

They will show good will by targeting the good guys. They’ll find a degenerate in an otherwise sound group and, there, fixed!

The media, and of course bishops, are downplaying the distinctive tract of all these stories, the vice of most offenders. CNN even presents it with a pic of a woman crying.

It will be again a case of white heterosexual Christian men raping women and even when boys are involved it will be only because of a) power b) celibacy 3) culture of secrecy protecting power via seal of confession.

Which is in fact what happened, only it’s the sodomite modus operandi to protect themselves and strengthen their grip over power positions within the Church.

As I have written before, I do not buy the claims that a high number of priests are homosexual.  But I do indeed buy that that percentage is higher among those who have power.  The Boys Club perpetuated itself by grooming with preferential treatment of certain likely fellows.  They made sure that they went to Rome, which could help a future career, or they got the chance at higher studies, the key role in the chancery, the roles that would be good on the CV when it was time to submit a terna.   Mind you, that wasn’t all bishops or seminarians or priests.  Don’t look cross-eyed at a guy sent to Rome.  These days, I am sure that in the vast majority of cases, its because the guy has potential to serve the Church well and that’s the best place to realize the potential.

Do not.. do NOT.. slip into the trap that I see in news stories and fuming posts with sloppy language about how, “These bishops and priests!  They all failed us!”   No.  They did not all fail you.  Some did.  They’re failures were galactic and all priests are suffering the fallout.  But don’t turn your wrath and blame on every priest and bishop.  That would surely make the Devil grin.  That’s the objective, after all.  Through some attack them all.

Tables are turning on Satan’s plans.  However, when you wonder about all this stuff going on, remember that the Enemy plays the long game.

Your calls for short term retribution or for instant action etc. will have their own repercussions down the road.  For example, even as many people call for the resignation and removal of this or that bishop, cardinal, etc., keep in mind that there is only one guy, in the human sphere, who signs off on the new bishops and cardinals.  Try to picture the results over time if you get what you ask for.

Finally, please take this to heart. 

This is a primarily a supernatural battle that is being fought right now.  The bloody trenches and killing alleys are directly through the ranks of the Church’s priests, and they directly involve matters intimately tied into the very center of the Church’s core, priesthood and sacraments like Penance.

No priest, no Eucharist, no Church.

This war involves human weakness, identity perversion, and also demonic possession.  Hence, our response has to involve all of these dimensions.

Priests and bishops….  

Please start saying Masses and having devotions for reparation and for deliverance from the assaults of the Enemy.  We have tried and true spiritual weapons, if only we would dust them off, polish them up, and use them.   Enough of this mealy-mouthed excuse making and temporizing.  Enough of this rubbish about all the really important things that fill the clerical day, like committees and meetings.   If you are going to have a meeting, meet about how we have to do reparation, who will be unlocking the church for Exposition and Rosaries and Novena and CONFESSIONS.

Priests and bishops, for the love of all that is Holy, use your mighty spiritual weapons given by Orders and Holy Church’s own authoritative, tried and true Tradition.

And, I’ll say it again and again and again… the Devil HATES LATIN.   Let’s stop fooling around.  Put the .22 long rifle away and start with the .50 cal already.  The time for the MaDeuce of our sacred liturgical worship is NOW.  Extraordinary Form, brothers.  Stop fooling around.  If you Latins out there don’t know and can’t use your whole Latin Rite, then.. who the hell are you, anyway?  C’mon guys!

Meanwhile, I am implementing the personal plan I’ve been cobbling together from my convictions, experiences, resolves.  I have to be willing to stay on the Cross.  Please pray for me that I will stay up there.  In spite of my weakness, as a sinner among sinners, I will do my best to adapt, improvise and overcome the obstacles that I am sure will now hammer on me for this post.

You can send me email about this and I might post some of it.  But the combox is CLOSED.

Mary, Queen of the Clergy, protect me and my brethren.  If the hour of the Chalice is upon us, ask your Son the High Priest to make our wristbones strong for the nail, our footbones strong for the spike.  As crowned Queen of Angels, bid for us mighty helpers from the celestial choirs, who know God’s will for us even as they contemplate God’s face.  As Virgin Theotokos, tell Joseph your most chaste spouse which priests need his most urgent aid.  How can he refuse your request to show himself, their Terror, to those demons who beset your sons, your priests and bishops?  New Eve Queen, place your foot over the feet of your priests that they will trample the nahash in the vineyard and in their lonely oilpress gardens. Put your maternal hand on their shoulder as they unworthily stumble along, sinners, in their daily calvaries. Mary, Queen of the Clergy, protect me and my brethren.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary…

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PROPOSAL to all the Bishops of these USA for your November 2018 Meeting


These times call for action that priests and bishops are truly ordained for: wield spiritual authority given by Christ Himself.

Let’s use all our spiritual weapons. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, mortifications, etc.

But let us not exclude those aimed directly at the Enemy, the mighty prayers of the Rite of Exorcism.

The Enemy is deep into this crisis. Who thinks he isn’t? Fight demon fire with holy fire.

Respectfully, please, open your paternal hearts to read this broken filial heart’s petition.

Your Excellencies, Your Eminences,

I have a suggestion for you to carry out in your upcoming November meeting.

With grave respect for the office you each hold and for the spiritual mandate which God and the Apostolic See have entrusted to you as individuals in your respective dioceses and as a college for our nation, please consider this course of action in response to the serious crisis we face as a Church before the eyes of God and the world.

The crisis we face arises from both human weakness and sin, but also demonic activity of the Enemy of the soul.

I ask each and every one of you, individually, before your upcoming November meeting, to perform a Rite of Exorcism over your respective dioceses, or, if you are the Auxiliary or Emeritus Bishop to take part.  If you are non-episcopal Administrator, invite a bishop to do it.   Whether you decide to do this privately or publicly, please – just do it.

In addition, during the November meeting, together as a body, go to the National Shrine of Our Lady and perform a Rite of Exorcism over the whole nation.

While I am a priest of the Latin Church, and I do not know the specific Exorcism Rites of the Eastern Churches, I am confident that you Eastern prelates can help your Latin brethren understand how you will be able to participate with them when you gather together.

With due respect, therefore, to Eastern Churches and Rites, and since the majority of you are of the Latin Church, use our traditional Roman Ritual, in Latin.  Some of you will need to work on that, but it is – according to the testimony of exorcists I know – more effective than merely in the vernacular and more effective than the modern, updated Rite.

Your Excellencies, Your Eminences, do not opt for less than what is tried, true and effective.  The older, traditional Rite is time tested for centuries.  That’s your best option: Rituale Romanum Title XI, Chapter 3. 

Do not compromise.

As bishops, individually and collectively, you wield great spiritual authority given to you by Our Lord Himself.  With that authority comes the duty to use it when appropriate.

Now is an appropriate time.  Who, having the Faith, can deny it?

We need you to do this.  Please, do this.  Please open your hearts for us, and give this request your prayerful consideration.

Respectfully, in Christ the High Priest, in Mary the Queen of Apostles, and in Joseph the Terror of Demons, I offer this request.

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

If any bishop needs help with the Latin, he or his secretary can check this post HERE.  In 2016 I recorded the Latin of Chapter 3 to make available – discreetly – to bishops and priests only.  I read Chapter 3 deliberately, pedantically, with careful pronunciation.  I omit rubrics, which you would not read aloud.  I also have that recording slowed down to 0.7 speed to help you learn it.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

This is war.

To my fellow priests, especially, and to lay people.  Feel free to make to petition on your own.

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Card. Burke interviewed by Raymond Arroyo. The Cardinal’s advice.

His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke (whom Clement XIV-II would give the title “Indagator Particularis in perpetuo)” was on Raymond Arroyo’s show last night.

Here is the full video. I set it to start at the interview.

Among interesting moments are

  • Card. Burke’s reaction to Fr. Rosica’s strange remarks about how the Pope rules: 25:45
  • Card. Burke’s advice to how to deal with with our present situation. 28:00

Among those things he recommends are:

  1. Remember that there is preternatural, demonic activity involved.
  2. Prayer and fasting are needed. Make sacrifices and acts of reparation. Yes, he said “reparation”!
  3. In particular, celebrate the sacred liturgy well so that we can benefit from the graces Christ offers for the Church.

Indagator Particularis!

Also, the Cardinal was interviewed by Thomas McKenna of Catholic Action for Faith and Family.

I thought this paragraph was interesting.

There existed in the Roman Pontifical (the Latin Catholic liturgical book that contains the rites performed by bishops) for centuries the rites for the degradation of clerics and also of hierarchy who had failed gravely in their office. I believe it would be helpful to read over again those rites to understand deeply what the Church has always understood, which is that shepherds can go astray, even in a grave way, and then must be appropriately disciplined and even dismissed from the clerical state.


I would remind the readership that on 29 July I posted about the Rite of Degradation of the Bishop in the traditional Roman Pontifical.  I provided the Latin and a translation.  Already in 2006 I had posted about these rites.  I posted about the Rite of Degradation of a Priest on 17 August.  I also suggested, yesterday, that seminarians and priests should reflect on these rites, perhaps side by side with the older, traditional rite of ordination so that they can, from a negative point of view, gain additional insight into who they are supposed to be.  We can learn from failure too.


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Insightful observation about Pope Francis – UPDATES!

UPDATE 14 Aug 1355 UTC:

The cat is out of the bag, but the chase is on.

The quote, below, has been removed at ZENIT and replaced with ellipsis.

But, for the moment at least, it is still at Rosica’s site “Salt and Light“.

By email I learned that someone added the page to Wayback.

Originally Published on: Aug 13, 2018 @ 20:25

Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, wrote a really positive piece about Pope Francis as a Jesuit and about how Jesuits work, how they think, etc.

This is a really interesting comment from Rosica about the Holy Father.

From Zenit:

Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants, because he is “free from disordered attachments.” Our Church has indeed entered a new phase: with the advent of this first Jesuit pope, it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture. Pope Francis has brought to the Petrine office a Jesuit intellectualism.

See?  I told you it was interesting.  It has garnered a bit of attention in the Tweetosphere.

I wonder what it means.

The moderation queue is most DEFINITELY ON.

UPDATE 14 August:

A Rosica tweet that seem relevant:

UPDATE 17 August:

I was sent a link to a longish piece by Fr. Rosica which he posted at his Salt and Light site: “We all are in this boat together” : A Reflection on the Current Crisis in the Church”.  Rosica’s piece is 2290 words long.

It is undoubtedly true that we are all in this together, as human beings, all of us, made in God’s image and as baptized members of Christ’s Mystical Person.  Hence, we need to use charity with each other, looking to what is truly the other’s good.

Here is a paragraph that stood out for me and which prompted me to do a little search within the webpage.

Clerical Celibacy
There are those who think incorrectly that obligatory clerical celibacy contributes to depression and causes the sexual abuse of children. Celibacy is not in itself a factor, but – like any form of the Christian life taken and lived seriously – it has its perils. When celibacy works well for priests, it can be a blessed source of spiritual and pastoral fruitfulness for the Church; when it works badly it can be very damaging and have devastating effects. Priests and religious who sexually abused children did so because of the sexual disorder of pedophilia or ephebophilia. They abused because of a sexual disorder, not because they were celibate. The studies are clear on this point: most child abuse takes place within the family. Sexual abuse of a child by a family member results in serious, psychological trauma, especially in the case of parental incest. We have right to be angry over the current situation but no right to despair. We must pray for a true cleansing of the temple – of the Church. We must pray that our anger and frustration not lead us to hopelessness but to a deeper witness of faith and a holy life especially in such difficult times.

If we are to treat each other with charity, then we also must deal in the truth.  Identifying the truth of the underlying problems we face together in this boat of ours, is absolutely necessary.

So, I ask: Is there anything missing from that paragraph?

Not once in his 2290 word long piece does Fr. Rosica mention the true underlying cause of 99% of the problem we face: homosexuality.

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ASK FATHER: Lethal force against homosexual aggression in seminary?

From a reader….


Is it morally permissible for one to use lethal force in stopping a predator in a situation of abuse (i.e. in a seminary or elsewhere)?

In my opinion, yes.

Given that homosexual aggression can be also horrifically violent, you do not know for sure that you are not defending your life.   It is correct and pious to say, “I’d rather be killed than… blah blah…”.  That’s all well and good.

Yes, you can defend yourself with lethal force.  I think this is important for women to know, too.  I highly recommend certain kinds of training, if for no other reason than to be well-informed about options in a realistic way.  Training also will surely involve avoidance and deescalation strategies.

We have the right to defend our lives and the lives of the innocent – and their innocence – who are endangered.   Make sure you cannot be hurt anymore and then stop and call 911.

In every situation, if possible, you should ideally use the least amount of force to stop the aggression.   Force is only used to end threats.  Your intent must not be to kill, but to end the threat.  Full stop.

I’m talking here, of course, not about a fairly non-violent grab without follow up, etc.  I talking here, of course, not about an awkward moment involving misunderstanding which ends as fast as it started.  I’m talking about real aggression.  You don’t break an arm at an attempt to, say, tickle or cop a feel – though I’ll be some women might disagree.  But there are other situations in which a broken arm is how you stop the aggressor.

That can be really hard to assess when you are in the “black zone”.  When you are in condition black, you experience mental changes and physiological effects that, unless you have experienced them, are hard to predict.  Among them are changes to your range of vision, hearing, time perception.  Your physical reactions and reflexes can be repressed or increased.  Your heart is racing.  Your adrenaline is flooding.  You are in “fight or flight”.  Afterward, your memory of what happened will often be impaired.

When you’ve bene through this, even once, then you have a different idea about “I’d rather be killed than… blah blah…”.  If you’ve been through it more than once, then… well.

There was only one situation in which I physically had to defend myself from a homosexual aggression.  In Rome.  Yes, it was clerical. It did NOT involve the “black zone”, however.  It involved maybe “orangey-red zone” and a lot of anger.  He was fortunate that that was “back when” and not now, in Rome, not in these USA. I suspect that his therapy lasted decades. No.  I’m sure of it.  Speed and training gave me the advantage.  But aggressors don’t fight fair.   Neither should you, “fight fair”.  You use instant and decisive force to stop the threat. Think… Jack Reacher.

I would do that again with no hesitation. “NO!” means “HELL NO!”  I have real compassion for those who suffer from these inclinations.  I have little patience for those who don’t strive to deal with them properly.  Assault is assault.  You don’t want to guess at what is at the end of any assault of any kind.

Yes, you can defend yourself, even with lethal force.  But I also must say that it is a horrible thing to take a life.  Moreover, it could render you irregular for Holy Orders except in cases of legitimate self-defense!  That can be remedied with recourse to the proper authority, in the case of legitimate self-defense or defense of others.  Censures can be lifted if they were incurred, but that is the stuff of another post.  [I edited that bit, a bit.]

That said, I think the chances of homosexual aggression in seminary now are highly unlikely.  Not only is there the recent news, but, frankly, seminaries have been cleaned up.  I wouldn’t give that a second thought if you are considering seminary.  I think the chances of homosexual inuendo in seminaries will be highly unlikely.

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