Pop over the Fr. Longenecker’s place and read his post: “All Are Welcome

He rips the skin from the faux calls for diversity and multiculturalism and, especially, “gay” hollering we are force to hear so much.


I’m reminded of a gay activist who was interviewed about the church. He was yelling that he wanted the church to be more inclusive, then the interviewer said, “So if you felt the church was more inclusive which church would you attend every Sunday?”

The guy looked at the interviewer like he was a martian, “Not me. I’m not really a Christian.”

Correct. It seems the liberals who are unlocking the doors to empty churches are the ones crying out, “All are welcome!” but the churches aren’t empty because people are unwelcome, but because the people simply don’t want to go to that kind of church.

The churches that are full, on the other hand, are the ones that actually preach the Christian gospel which welcome everyone, but welcomes them to something called the Christian faith.

Without a full blooded, historic Catholic faith which preaches the need for repentance and seeking the face of the Lord for eternal salvation what are you welcoming people to? A luncheon club where they sing hymns and carry banners with trite slogans? A soup kitchen and shower facility where they hold Bible studies? A rehab center where they find their inner goddess? People aren’t dumb. They’ll soon ask, “Why bother with all that religious-spiritual stuff? We can do soup kitchens, rehab centers and shower facilities without all those dreary hymns, bad Christian pop music and dull homilies delivered by a fat, middle class half educated minister.


Bottom line, when it comes to libs, “All are welcome”… TO WHAT, exactly?

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#Synod2018 concerns in a couple of sharp sentences. Then Fr. Z rants.

At my old stomping ground, The Wanderer, their weekly contributor and a ubiquitous tweeter Fr. Kevin Cusick, nailed the Synod (“walking together”) situation in a couple of sentences.

Another rigged Synod is now underway with predictable results. All we need to know to verify that is the information that Archbishop Bruno Forte is on the drafting committee again for this confab. He is responsible for inserting pro-LGBT propaganda in the written record of the earlier Family Synod.
Lorenzo Cardinal Baldisseri says the drafts of the final document of Synod 2018 will be kept confidential and will not be published. What has been made public thus far indicates that the synod counts on another ruse to manipulate Church teaching for ill purposes.

Based on what we have seen, that nails it.   Today’s revelations about procedures give slim comfort.  HERE

The rest of Cusick’s piece concerns the gulf between what Synod organizers think young people want and need and what they really want and need, especially in regard to Tradition.  There are some funny memes about that, as I am sure you have seen.  His observations align very much with what I wrote yesterday in commenting on something Fr. Cipolla wrote at Rorate.  HERE

It strikes me that a huge swath of The Powers That Be are clueless.  Their cluelessness is self-imposed.  They are so committed to their ideological view of the Church and their clericalist condescension toward her members that they won’t permit that any other approaches be tried, especially if TRADITION is invoked.

We are left with – to use harsh imagery a “war of attrition” or, in a phrase that drives libs nuts, a “biological solution”.  Either way, the attrition and the ticking clock solution applies to all of us.  Which side with be ground down under the boots of the world, the flesh and the Devil faster?

Across the board, as demographics shift, we are going to lose huge numbers of nominal Catholics.  However, when I visit traditional parishes or communities, I see that the TLMs are the “children’s Mass”, based on the numbers of youngsters, young families and their rapidly increasing offspring.  Where I am on Sundays, it seems like every other week there is a newborn to be admired.  The average age in the pews must be about 7.

This suggests to me that there is a real and a fruitful synergy between the young people of today and Tradition, which is alive.

Tradition is alive and young people can have a relationship with it, just we can have a relationship with the true content of our Faith, whether fides quae or fides qua, who is in actuality a Divine Person.

In their relationship with Tradition young people and old alike are networked, so to speak, with our Catholic brethren across the globe and our forebears even across the doors of death.

There’s a thrumming depth to our millennia spanning global Tradition. Something cobbled up in the last few years in this or that place cannot offer the same.

In his indispensable book Noble Simplicity (US HERE – UK HERE), Peter Kwasniewski quoted my old friend, the late Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro, may he rest in peace, saying:

Only the man who has roots has a future. Part and parcel of the problems of modern man are that because he has cut his roots with his own past, he can no longer project himself to the future. Man, without an inherited and objective frame of reference, cannot even make sense of the present in which he lives. To attempt to achieve freedom by escaping from the burdens of tradition tends to result in a new enslavement to a chaotic present.

In a more mundane way, in the movie The African Queen Humphrey Bogart explains to Katharine Hepburn that they have to get the propeller working because, in order to steer the boat through the dangerous rapids, they have to go faster than the current.  Like the root image, above, the propeller simultaneously “roots” the boat in the past while providing the organic option of where to go in our future without being swept helplessly into the rocks.

Meanwhile, each day with my increasingly gray hair and multiplying aches I smile at the words at the foot of the altar, “Introibo ad altare Dei… I will go to the altar of God, to God who gives joy to my youth.”  There is much for reflection in that first antiphon of Mass.

A smaller but highly creative flock is being drawn from the great culling and falling away.

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15 Oct: St. Teresa, calendars and fascinating fountains! (A note to NAC seminarians and Rome denizens.)

Speaking of saints days and calendars (I posted about that a few hours ago…

Here is something for NAC seminarians, especially, as you walk from the heights to the Centro.  There is something interesting to see just off your usual beaten path.

Today is the feast of St. Teresa of Avila.

There is an interesting story about the Teresa and our present, modern Julio-Gregorian calendar.

In 1582, the ancient Julian calendar (organized by, yes, Julius Caesar and still observed by many Orthodox Christians) officially was terminated on Thursday 4 October by the command of Gregory XIII (1572–1585, Ugo Boncompagni) via the papal bull Inter gravissimas.

At midnight of 3-4 October the calendar skipped automatically to a day named Friday 15 October.

The famed Jesuit mathematician Christopher Clavius (+1612) worked out the calculations for this change.  He chose October for the moment of the jump because it had the fewest feast days.

He also did his calculations without the use of the decimal point!

St. Teresa of Avila died on the very night on which His Holiness had commanded that the calendar shift from 4 October to 15 October, which is why her feast is celebrated on the 15th rather than the 3rd or 4th.

If you are in Rome, stop at San Salvatore in Lauro and look at the chewed up little fountain to the left of the main doors of the church. It will probably be obscured by parked cars.  On this little fountain is what’s left of a lion.  Over the fountain there is an inscription which inter alia speaks of a draco or “dragon” who, dutiful (pius), masters the whole world (draco qui toti pius imperat orbi). This is a reference to Pope Gregory XIII whose coat of arms bore a dragon with wings outstretched.  This is the Pope who ordered the change in the calendar and after whom we call our modern calendar Julio-Gregorian.

Here is the inscription on the fountain, for those of you who want to take a crack at it.  You will need to know that virginea here refers to a famous Roman water source, called Acqua Vergine (which also flows over the coins in the Fontana Trevi). That lupus (“wolf”) and that angus (“lamb”) refer to other fountains, which – though now lost – were part of a set, this fountain being the “lion”.  These are called “Elegiac couplets”:


In the cortile of Via dei Prefetti 17 is the inscription that was on the fountain of the “wolf”, where the Via della Lupa joins.  There was a family near there called the Capilupi (or some such).  The fountain is gone but the inscription survived.  I saw it once, many moons ago.  And, in that same courtyard, another fountain inscription warned that hands that had done violence or tongues that had uttered blasphemy were not permitted to touch the pure water of “the Virgin”.  Also, in Elegiac couplets.  How cool is Rome?

Going across the river to San Pietro in Vaticano, we search in the right side aisle for the tomb of Pope Gregory XIII and the interesting relief on his tomb.

It portrays the moment he was so proud of in his pontificate: when Clavius gave him the plans for the new calendar.

One of the things you must learn to do in Rome is pay attention to details, which are really rather funny at times.  These people had a wonderful sense of humor.

What is interesting is the style of spectacles from that time, and that the sculptor included it.  I haven’t gotten to the bottom of who this fellow might have been.  The sculptor himself?  The biographer of Gregory?  Who knows?

By the way, one of my favorites Pope Sixtus V (1585-1590, Felice Peretti) said: “Had the Jesuit order produced nothing more than this Clavius, on this account alone the order should be praised”.  Clavius was an incredible mathematician who solved some of the most difficult problems of his day and who produced the essential textbooks of the era.  Even the way we all learned Euclidian geometry when we were children is due mostly to the presentations of Clavius.  His works were translated into Chinese by Matteo Ricci and others so that missionaries could connect with scholars in that far away land and thus bring them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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ASK FATHER: Celebrating Conciliar Saint Popes in the Traditional Roman Rite

From a reader…


26 September is the feast of the now-canonized Paul VI. Since this is a feria on the 1962 calendar, one could mark the day with the traditional Latin Mass “Si Diliges Me”, and name him in the Collect.  [Or, it being a Thursday, you could say a Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, or of … etc.]

Could all of the canonized post-Conciliar Popes be celebrated on a traditional calendar feria using the Common for several Holy Popes?

At this point, there are a lot of newly canonized saints who are not observed in the Vetus Ordo, Traditional calendar.  I, for one, would like to see saints such as St. Charles Lwanga (canonized 1964), Maximilian Kolbe (1982), José Sánchez del Río (2016), Gianna Beretta Molla (2004) in the Traditional calendar. Heck, it can be done. It wouldn’t be that hard.   Just stick them in!

Over the centuries some saints have moved onto and off of the calendar, according to the times and their needs.  In fact, that is why some saints are canonized and made much of, and some aren’t.  It depends on what the Roman Pontiff at the time determines and the sense of the faithful demands.  However, with the introduction of new saints – think of St. Juan Diego (2002), Hildegard of Bingen (2012), Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (1998), Josephine Bakhita (2000) – great care must be taken to preserve ancient saints on the calendar. The very feasts of saints have shaped music, literature, culture.

But they are not available right now with their own Propers. Could you celebrate them using a Common? Well, I think you could just do it, especially privately. One should not shock the faithful by mixing up the calendars. Then again, not many would be shocked.

I imagine that, slowly but surely, a solution will be found.  Mostly slowly, given the way things are going.

Introducing new saints into the calendar with their own propers (or not) doesn’t change the Rite.   However, we can’t fool around with the seasons, as they did for the Novus Ordo. That’s far more serious.

Not a very satisfying answer, I think. However, maybe this will prod things in certain offices… where this is read.

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The future of the Church (hint – NOT #Synod2018)

The demographics of the Church are on the move, at least in these USA.  We will, in the next few years, witness a dramatic drop in numbers of those who bother with the Church at all.  Everything will have to change.  Meanwhile, members of the Synod (“walking together”) are fooling around with the same old same old.

I have a strong feeling that, as things change and market forces work and the Marshall Plan set in motion in 2007 exerts itself, it shall come to pass that the traditional Roman Rite will take on such importance that it may become the predominant form in many places.

This won’t happen overnight or at the same pace in every place.   But I think it will happen.  Huge swaths of the Church are auto-demolishing or simply become another religion… if they haven’t already.  On the other hand, the numbers of those who are turning to Tradition are on the rise.

Fr. Cipolla has an interesting observation in a piece called: “This Evening I saw the Future of the Church: The Future is the Traditional Mass”

From Rorate:

So it is precisely while the Synod for Youth is meeting in Rome in quasi-secrecy that I saw the Future this evening. I was invited to sit in choir during a Traditional Solemn Mass in a parish church of my diocese. The celebrant, the pastor of the parish, the deacon and the sub-deacon were each young priests of the diocese. The Mass was celebrated with no frills, no excesses, no sign of aestheticism. The Feast was the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, instituted by Pius XI to celebrate the anniversary of the Council of Ephesus, at which Mary was proclaimed as Theotokos, the bearer of God, affirming the full divinity of the person of Christ. The music of the Mass was all Gregorian chant, Mass IX. The servers were all young men, some new to this, some quite practiced in serving this Mass. It was the worship of God in its purest form, in its traditional form, a form whose liturgical modesty and reticence invites prayer and therefore worship. The sacred ministers gave themselves over to their roles in the Mass in a naturally self-effacing way. They knew the proper tones for the various chants and sang them well. The sermon was intelligent and truly Catholic. These three men made worship possible by getting themselves out of the way and letting the rite speak for itself.

Many of the young priests in my diocese have learnt the Traditional Roman Mass, aka the Extraordinary Form. They love this Mass in a sober way without any hint of “high church” prancing or panting. They love Christ and his Church. They are loyal to the teaching of the Magisterium. They are priests who are at home in any situation and who enjoy each other’s company. They enjoy the company of both men and women in their parishes. The bureaucrats who run the Church do not know that these priests exist. And that is good. For while the bureaucrats are running around at synods and conferences and trying to put out noxious fires without the water of moral purity and therefore failing every time: these young priests, not only in my diocese, but in most dioceses through the Catholic world, are just learning once again how to worship and are discovering the beauty of worship, and they are teaching this to their flock. And they, and the Traditional Mass they love,— they are the Future of the Church.

He is dead right, of course.

Back in August, I posted a similar observation HERE.

Each August, seminarians of the diocese get together with bishop for a week or so.  They hang out together, meet with the bishop individually, hear talks, have some fun, pray together.  It was during one of these summers that I heard the bishop tell the men that he wanted them all to know how to say the older, traditional form of Mass when they are ordained.   He hasn’t forced or prodded of brought it up after that, at least in my hearing.  But, these guys know that he has their back and, as priests, will have their back in the parishes.  They are also men of their day, who are not ensorcelled by the aging-hippie cant of those halcyon days of Vatican II.  They’ve seen the “springtime” of destruction in the Church that has resulted.  They grew up with John Paul II and Benedict XVI.   They don’t think that, as I saw in a Tweet today, “Gift of Finest Wheat” is being sung by the choirs of heaven.

Anyway, these men, during their August gathering, organized on their own a Solemn Mass in the older rite.  The celebrant was 1 year ordained.  The deacons were newly ordained, a couple months.  A priest who was ordained 6 weeks was the MC.  There were a few bumps along the way, but I am unspeakably proud of what they accomplished.

I, the old guy, was entirely on the sideline.  They did it.

¿Hagan lío?

We’ve gotchyer “lío” right here.

In a way, my work is done here.

That doesn’t mean I am going to let up.

And speaking of lío, I saw at Messa in Latino, something about numbers of men who have entered traditional groups.

For 2018-19 some 136 men have entered traditional institutes or orders.



Institute of the Good Shepherd

Institute of Christ The King

Society of the Missionaries of Divine Mercy


And see this story on ordinations in France. HERE

Moreover, I strongly suspect that in US seminaries, most of the young men are open to Tradition if not actively delving into it.

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How the Left rolls

Watch this video news story and consider how crazy things are getting.

And then…

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#Synod2018 underway but there are no rules. Making it up as they go?

At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald – soon to have a US version! – comes this alarming report about the workings of the Synod (“walking together”).

My emphases:

Analysis: Will bishops push for clarity on the synod’s procedural rules?

Two weeks in, decisions about the synod’s rules have still not been announced

Recent changes to canon law have left some bishops attending the 2018 Synod of Bishops uncertain about the meeting’s procedural rules. Unanswered questions about the synod’s norms could have significant effect on how the meeting’s final documents are regarded in the Church, and by the synod fathers themselves.

The synod’s undersecretary, Bishop Fabio Fabene, told reporters in early October that because of changes Pope Francis made to synod policies Sept. 15, the Vatican had not yet decided on the exact rules for this month’s synod.

Asked whether synod participants would be able to vote on individual provisions of the document as they have in prior meetings, Fabene said it would depend on what emerged from the synod, adding that “as we move along, we will decide.”  [I see.  If we have this result, we’ll do this.  If we get that result, we’ll do that.  So lons as we get the result we desire.]

But two weeks into the gathering, decisions about the synod’s procedural and voting rules have not yet been announced. Several synod fathers have told CNA they are confused about the rules, or uncertain about how the synod’s voting process will actually work.

In the absence of clear norms, some observers have begun to ask whether the 2018 synod will prove to be an authentic consultation of the world’s bishops, or an exercise only in the appearance of “synodality.”  [Could it be that there was a predetermined outcome?]


But the 2006 rescript Ordo synodi episcoporum established the most detailed procedural rules for every aspect of a synod of bishops, among them the election of members; the appointment, work, and authority of the general secretariat and general relator; and the voting on proposals (modi) and documents, including the points to be included in the final report.

Ordo synodi episcoporum required that modi and documents be voted on according to a procedure allowing bishops to make additional amendments, and delineating specific cases when a 2/3 majority of voting bishops would be required, and others cases that would require only an absolute majority (50 percent+1) of bishops.

According to those procedural rules, synod fathers were able to vote on proposals made for amendments or additions to the document, and eventually to vote on their approval of the document as a whole; those votes would require 2/3s majorities.

Though these procedural norms were tweaked in recent years, they remained largely intact. [BUT!…] But on Sept. 15, they were abrogated- revoked– when Pope Francis promulgated a new document governing synods, the apostolic constitution Episcopalis communio.

Episcopalis communio eliminates nearly all specific procedural norms pertaining to the synod, including the established procedures for proposing amendments and for voting, and sets no specific approval thresholds for documents generated by the synod.

Instead of establishing specific rules, the September document calls on the General Secretary for Synod of Bishops, now Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, to issue instructions on those matters, and “regulations for each Synod Assembly.”

No such instructions or regulations seem to have been issued for the current synod, at least not publicly.


Can you imagine a business or the military or even a family going forward like this?

How many ways are there to rig a Synod, again?


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ASK FATHER: Coalition in Support of “Ecclessia Dei” – What’s up?

From a reader…


Several weeks ago, I noticed that attempts to access the TLM directory at the Coalition in support of Ecclessia Dei website, were coming up with nothing. I dismissed it as a server error, but it has persisted, and my searching has given me no explanation.

Do you have any insight? If not, do you know of an alternative directory, that is kept up to date?

As always, thank you for your good work.

So, folks.  What’s up with this?

Anyone know what’s going on?


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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during your Mass to fulfill your Sunday Obligation?

Let us know.

For my part, I was deacon for a Solemn Mass.  I heard five Aquinas’ five points about the wicked, ungrateful servant in the parable, whose debt was forgiven but then who throttles the first fellow servant he runs into (Matt 18:23-25).

1) The shortness of time. He punishes his fellow servant as soon as he leaves the King’s mercy.

2) Sanctimony. He was humble with the King but prideful with the fellow servant.

3) Unkindness. How horribly he treated his fellow servant.

4) Insignificance. The fellow servant owed him an insignificant sum, compared to his own debt.

5) Cruelty. He treats his fellow servant with extreme harshness.

How often do we seek forgiveness from God and then right away fall again.   And yet God in His mercy forgives those who ASK for mercy.

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Dodging Global Extinction Events

These days it is hard to look around and not wonder if we are at last really in the End Times.  We seems to be experiencing the Great Falling Away.  Signs and signs and signs of faster and faster autodestruction flow over us.

Just to brighten your day…

First, I read at the always cool Spaceweather that your planet just ran the gauntlet.

DRACONID METEOR OUTBURST: On Oct. 8-9, Europeans outdoors around midnight were amazed when a flurry of faint meteors filled the sky. “It was a strong outburst of the annual Draconid meteor shower,” reports Jure Atanackov, a member of the International Meteor Organization who witnessed the display from Slovenia. Between 22:00 UT (Oct. 8) and 01:00 UT (Oct. 9), dark-sky meteor rates exceeded 100 per hour. In eastern France, Tioga Gulon saw “1 to 2 meteors per minute,” many of them shown here in an image stacked with frames from his video camera:


“It was a rare and impressive event,” says Atanackov.

It could easily have been 10 times more impressive. In fact, Earth narrowly dodged a meteor storm[Meteor STORM.]

The European outburst occurred as Earth skirted a filament of debris from Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. If that filament had shifted in our direction by a mere 0.005 AU (~500,000 miles), Earth would have experienced a worldwide storm of 1000+ meteors per hour. These conclusions are based on a computer model of the comet’s debris field from the University of Western Ontario’s Meteor Physics Group. Here it is, showing Earth shooting the gap between two filaments of comet dust:

Western Ontario postdoctoral researcher Auriane Egal created the model and predicted the outburst before it happened. Egal’s model was in good agreement with a rival model from NASA, so confidence was high. Meteors seen over Europe came from the larger filament on the right.


It goes on to describe how meteor forecasting allowed NASA to shut down some satellites and reposition them so that their harder sides were toward the comet dust.

So, that’s one bullet, or a gazillion, dodged.

Another comes in the form of damn scary story in German sent by a Doctor/Scientist/Researcher of my acquaintance.

At Christliches Forum:

Besorgniserregende Abnahme männlicher Fruchtbarkeit durch immer mehr Östrogene

Worrying decrease in male fertility due to more and more estrogens

This is a world-wide phenomenon and the consequences could truly be dire.   You can use translation tools for the whole article.  Here are a few pulls:

It was not until September 2018 that the US newspaper Newsweek wondered who was responsible for the death of America’s sperm. Vox published seven questions that we probably did not dare to explain for fear.

Professor Shanna Swan of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York wrote, “In the past 40 years, the sperm count has been halved.”

The danger that we would no longer be able to have children by natural means is still a long way off, yet male fertility provides an indication of his health: those with the lowest sperm quality had the highest probability of dying soon. Whatever restricts the fertility of the man is responsible for premature death.


Feminization has been going on for the last ten years. Alpha males are no longer there. Instead, they wear tight-fitting jeans, a topknot and behave increasingly like little girls. Real men are dying and women no longer want to deal with effeminate men.

Strictly speaking, this means that our Western civilization is dying out because it simply fails in the fulfillment of the task of creation.

Actually, one observes the loss of sperm count already in early 1990. Whether it is a coincidence that we began genetically manipulating our crops in these years, is an open question. In the 1970s and 1980s research focused on atomic and other carcinogenic environmental toxins.


Synthetic estrogens come from animal husbandry. Phytoestrogens are found mainly in soy, but also hops (beer). Estrogen-like chemicals are found in pesticides and plastic products. In addition, you can not filter out estrogen-containing contraceptives or pills hormones from the treatment plants, which we consume it with our drinking water.

We live in a “lake full of estrogens,” say the scientists. First and foremost, Colborn, who was the first to speak of genital malformations, which develop before birth and result in a lifelong reduction in sperm quality. The threatening, rapidly spreading evil is a flood of estrogens that feminize the drowning men in the end.

Whomever you blame, be it our mobile phones, rising temperatures, agriculture, pill or petrochemistry, it’s clear that in 2017, 3.85 million babies were born in America. With six births in 100 women of childbearing potential, blessing is as low as in a long time.


This is a real thing.  More and more I hear of… problems.

And in the Church and priesthood… there are those like James Martin, LGBTSJ, going around promoting effeminacy and sterility.  Then we are engulfed in the artificial soup being brewed up by tinkering and tinkering and tinkering.

And if you don’t think there is a connection between the two, then you are, so to speak, nuts.

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VIDEO: Pro-abortion propaganda v. Catholics in NYC

Take a look at this propaganda video from a pro-abortion group in NYC.

Listen to what the respective sides chant.  Listen to the claims.

Think of how the Left and the Democrat Party of Death is calling for public action that is, in effect, violence.

NYC4AR – This Church Harasses Women from Erin Sheridan on Vimeo.


Their sacrament is abortion, which feeds directly into the demonic forces that demand human sacrifice.

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JUST TOO COOL: The ‘tricolours’ ensign of Le Généreux, captured by Nelson on display

Which it’s a post For you fans of the Aubrey/Maturin series. Which it’s all about that monstrous ol’ flag Nelson got off the Frogs at Malta but was at the Nile where Aubrey distinguished himself.

In another story, I read that, when they unrolled it, they could smell gun powder.

From The Mirror:

Huge flag captured from French battle ship by Admiral Lord Nelson to go on display for first time in 100 years

The ensign of Le Genereux, which is roughly the size of a tennis court, was taken by Nelson and his men in 1800 and is believed to be one of the earliest Tricolours in existence.

A huge flag captured from a French battleship by Admiral Lord Nelson is set to go on display for the first time in more than 100 years.

The ensign of Le Genereux, which is roughly the size of a tennis court, was taken by Nelson and his men in 1800 and is believed to be one of the earliest Tricolours in existence.

Volunteers are currently carrying out painstaking conservation works prior to it being unveiled to the public.

The 217-year-old flag is a remarkable survivor from the days of sea battles when national flags played a vital role in naval engagement so warring ships could identify who was the enemy through cannon smoke and the chaos of battle.

Le Genereux was one of only two ships to escape the British attack at the Battle of the Nile in August 1798 – the battle that sealed Nelson’s reputation as England’s hero.

The British caught up with warship in February 1800, the Battle of the Malta Convoy.

On the morning of February 18, the English fleet chased the French squadron and Le Genereux covered allowing three French ships to escape before surrendering.

It is believed it could be the oldest surviving Tricolour, as it is thought it was present on the ship at the Battle of the Nile in 1798.


The Complete Aubrey/Maturin Novels (Vol. 5 volumes) (Aubrey/Maturin Novels)  UK link  HERE

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ASK FATHER: Pastor won’t allow TLM wedding in “his church”

From a reader…


We were in a situation where
(a) my fiancee and I had already booked a time slot in a Church for the Rite of Marriage and Nuptial Mass
(b) After this, we requested from the parish priest to have Rite of Marriage and Nuptial Mass done in the extraordinary form. We informed the parish priest that we had a priest (qualified) who was able and willing to officiate.
(c) Parish priest refused, saying it was ‘his church’ and that he wouldn’t have that happening in ‘his church’.

Is this contrary to Summorum Pontificum and/or Universae ecclesiae?

With a Mass, it seems more straightforward: stable group + qualified priest + no schismatic allegiances = request must be granted

But with the other sacraments such as marriage is it that straightforward?

First, you might have checked about this before you “booked”.

The legislative document for the whole Church, including your parish, called Summorum Pontificum says:

Art. 5 – § 3 For faithful and priests who request it, the pastor should also allow celebrations in this extraordinary form for special circumstances such as marriages, funerals or occasional celebrations, e.g. pilgrimages.

Of course pastors have power and you don’t.  You can go to the bishop about this, as is your right.  The same document says:

Art. 7 – If a group of lay faithful, as mentioned in art. 5 § 1, has not obtained satisfaction to their requests from the pastor, they should inform the diocesan bishop. The bishop is strongly requested to satisfy their wishes. If he cannot arrange for such celebration to take place, the matter should be referred to the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”.

Of course, if the bishop is not inclined to be helpful, there’s not much you can do because they have power and you don’t.  Rather than be pastors, shepherds, fathers to you, they lord it over you, giving you stones instead of bread.

So, assess your situation and the people involved.

Your best approach may be to persuade, diplomatically.

And pray.

And get ready to be disappointed.

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WDTPRS – 28th Ordinary Sunday: Fascinating Collect, seminar on grace!

The elegant Collect for the 28th Ordinary Sunday has been used for centuries on the 16th Sunday after Pentecost according to the traditional Roman calendar.  This is a lovely prayer to sing.

Tua nos, quaesumus, Domine, gratia semper et praeveniat et sequatur, ac bonis operibus iugiter praestet esse intentos.

The separation of tua and gratia in the first line is an example of the figure of speech called hyperbaton: unusual word order to produce a dramatic effect.  That et… et construction is snappy.

This prayer was in manuscripts of the Gregorian Sacramentary which results from the 10th c.   The prayer must have struck a chord with Thomas a Kempis in the 15th c., for he quotes it in the Imitation of Christ, Bk. III, 55: Liber internae consolationis.    It may also have been echoed earlier, in the a 12th c. Commentarium in Ruth e codice Genouefensi: Ex quo motandum est nec fortes stare nec posse debiles proficere, si non superna gratia et praeveniat et sequatur.

st-alphonsus-liguoriThe pair of verbs praeveniat…sequatur reminds me of a prayer I heard at my home parish every Tuesday night after the communal recitation of the Novena of Our Mother of Perpetual Help by St. Alphonsus Liguori (+1787).

In the Rituale Romanum for blessings of people who are sick:

“May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you that He may defend you, within you that He may sustain you, before you that He may lead you, behind you that He may protect you, above you that He may bless you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

As long as we are into the weeds, let’s really dig and root using especially our wondrous Lewis & Short Dictionary.

Intentus, -a, -um is from intendo, “to stretch out, extend” as well as “to turn one’s attention to, exert one’s self for”.  Our Collect has both semper (“always”) and iugiter (the adverbial form of iugis) meaning “always” in the sense of “continuously.”  A iugum is a “yoke”, like that which yokes animals together.  Iugum, or in English “juger”, was a Roman measure of land, probably because it was plowed by yoked oxen, and it is also the name of the constellation Libra, Latin for a “scale, balance”, which has a beam, a kind of yoke. The Roman measure of weight called the “pound” still today has abbreviation “lbs”.  The iugum was an infamous ancient symbol of defeat.  The Romans would force the vanquished to pass under a yoke to symbolize that they had been sub-jug-ated.  Our adverb iugiter means “always” in a continuous sense probably because of the concept of yoking things together, bridging them, one after another in an unending chain.  We hear this iugiter also in the famous prayer written by St. Thomas Aquinas (+1274) which is the Collect for Corpus Christi and is also used at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament: “O God, who bequeathed to us a memorial of Thy Passion under a wondrous sacrament, grant, we implore, that we may venerate the sacred mysteries of Thy Body and Blood, in such a way as to sense within us constantly (iugiter) the fruit of Thy redemption.”


We beg, O Lord, that Your grace may always both go before and follow after us, and hence continuously keep us intent upon good works.


Lord, our help and guide, make your love the foundation of our lives. May our love for you express itself in our eagerness to do good for others.

Look what we had to endure for so long.  What slop.


May your grace, O Lord, we pray, at all times go before us and follow after and make us always determined to carry out good works.

Let’s be super picky for a moment about the conjunctions.

That et…et is a classic “both…and” construction, joining praeveniat and sequatur. Here we see et…et…ac…   That ac (short for atque) sometimes informs us that what follows is of greater importance than what precedes it. If that is the case here, then our Collect presents a logical climax of ideas.  This is why I added a “hence” to my literal version.

Tua gratia, “your grace”, is the subject of all these verbs. 

We want God, by means of grace we do not merit, always to be both before and behind us.  We want His help so that we, fallen and weak, may be always attentive to the good works which, informed by faith and God’s grace, will help us to heaven and benefit our neighbor.

All our good initiatives come from God.  If we choose to embrace them and cooperate with Him, He guides them to completion.

Grace goes before.  Grace follows after.

Grace goes before.  God starts things.  Even those initial glimmerings of faith that come before full fledged acts of will based on knowledge come from God.  Like a gardener, he prepares the mind to have faith. This is prevenient grace, for it “goes before”.    Thus, “In every good work, it is not we who begin… but (God) first inspires us with faith and love of Him, through no preceding merit on our part.”  (cf. C. Orange II, can. 25)

That is for the beginnings of faith.  But after faith we can fall and lose sanctifying grace and the gifts and fruits.  That’s when God also “goes before” by offering us graces to convert, glimmers in our soul that bring us to repent and seek forgiveness.  He disposes us by prevenient grace to return to Him.  (Cf. C. Trent, Session 6, ch. 5: “a Dei per Dominum Christum Iesum praeveniente gratia … a going-before (predisposing) grace of God through the Lord Jesus Christ”).

God’s grace goes before.   God’s grace follows after.  Praeveniat… sequatur.

Our good works have merit for heaven because God inspires them, informs them, and completes them through us, His knowing, willing, and loving servants.

The deeds and their merits are ultimately God’s but, because we cooperate and because He loves us, they are also truly ours.


As St. Augustine of Hippo (+430) wrote, God crowns His own merits in us (ep. 194.19 to Sixtus, later Pope Sixtus III).

They are truly His.  They are also truly ours and, because He makes His ours, ours are meritorious.  They are meritorious not by us, but by Him who goes before and after.

Sunday’s Collect reminds us how important our good works are for our salvation. They are all manifestations of God’s grace.

Just as we hope God will lavish His graces on us, so too we should be generous with our good works for others.

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The unhinged Left now turns to satanism, witchcraft to fight Pres. Trump, Justice Kavanaugh

Under another post I mentioned something about libs, Dems, turning to witchcraft to fight Pres. Trump.

Several of you have sent notes about a plan for “witches” to gather in Brooklyn and… and… sorry, I just had an image of hipster witches – hipches – witchsters … to curse SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh, as you know, is a practicing Catholic.

The Daily Caller:


Occultists in Brooklyn are inviting practitioners of witchcraft to place a hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the patriarchy.

Catland, an establishment that describes itself as “Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space,” recently issued an invitation on Facebook which read, “Please join us for a public hex on Brett Kavanaugh, upon all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them.”

“We are embracing witchcraft’s true roots as the magik [sic] of the poor, the downtrodden and disenfranchised and it’s [sic] history as often the only weapon, the only means of exacting justice available to those of us who have been wronged by men just like him,” the statement, noticed by CNS News, continued. (RELATED: Anti-Trump Witch Compares Casting Hexes To Singing The National Anthem, Saluting The Flag)

“He will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and and all of the axes you’ve got to grind. There will also be a second ritual afterward – ‘The Rites of the Scorned One’ which seeks to validate, affirm, uphold and support those of us who have been wronged and who refuse to be silent any longer.”

Though it claims that “no one will be turned away for lack of funds,” Catland is suggesting a $10 donation to participate in the event. Fifty percent of the proceeds will be donated to charity, split equally between Planned Parenthood and the Ali Forney Center, which provides housing for LGBT youth. As of the writing of this article, over 10,700 respondents have shown interest on Facebook, and the event claims to be “sold out.”

The group hex is the latest attempt by some to magically “bind” President Donald Trump and his administration. Shortly after the 2017 presidential inauguration, the content of the ritual purportedly used by members of the “#MagicResistance” was published online, according to the BBC. Its author, a self-described “magical thinker” named Michael M. Hughes, recently published a book called “Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change”.


They post an image of Kavanaugh in Hell. That’s what sort of people these are. No one should ever wish that someone will go to Hell.

Notice what I put in bold.

The money raised will go to fuel big-business abortion and sodomy.  Abortion and sodomy thwart God’s desire for humanity, to be fruitful, to bring children into the world so that souls may reflect God’s goodness and bring glory.

Abortion is the sacrament of the Left and sodomy is its sacramental.

And, remember, the Devil always works in the open.  He tells you what he is doing, so that you will be complicit when you let him do it.  The Devil … il diavolo non può noscondere la coda… can’t hide his tail.

Now, witchcraft, which is manifestly satanic, connected to sodomy and their version of human sacrifice.

It might seem funny, and indeed there is something comically stupid about them.  The problem is that, no matter how goofy these people sound, the Enemy can use what they do.

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