James Foley, journalist murdered by ISIS Islamic terrorists, prayed the Rosary

I was sent a link to this at the site of Marquette University:

Phone call home
A letter from James Foley, Arts ’96, to Marquette.

Marquette University has always been a friend to me. The kind who challenges you to do more and be better and ultimately shapes who you become.

With Marquette, I went on some volunteer trips to South Dakota and Mississippi and learned I was a sheltered kid and the world had real problems. I came to know young people who wanted to give their hearts for others. Later I volunteered in a Milwaukee junior high school up the street from the university and was inspired to become an inner-city teacher. But Marquette was perhaps never a bigger friend to me than when I was imprisoned as a journalist. [Keep in mind that Foley had been kidnapped previously.]

Myself and two colleagues had been captured and were being held in a military detention center in Tripoli. Each day brought increasing worry that our moms would begin to panic. My colleague, Clare, was supposed to call her mom on her birthday, which was the day after we were captured. I had still not fully admitted to myself that my mom knew what had happened. But I kept telling Clare my mom had a strong faith. [That sure came through in the TV moments I have seen since he was killed.]

I prayed she’d know I was OK. I prayed I could communicate through some cosmic reach of the universe to her.

I began to pray the rosary. It was what my mother and grandmother would have prayed. ?I said 10 Hail Marys between each Our Father. It took a long time, almost an hour to count 100 Hail Marys off on my knuckles. And it helped to keep my mind focused.

Clare and I prayed together out loud. It felt energizing to speak our weaknesses and hopes together, as if in a conversation with God, rather than silently and alone.


Read the rest there.

I am reminded of the fact that the feast of Our Lady of Rosary (first known as Our Lady of Victory), 7 October, was instituted to commemorate Our Lady’s intervention at the Battle of Lepanto, during which Islamic invaders were defeated.

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.  Pray for the Foley family.  Intercede to save the potential victims of these Islamic terrorists.

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HAM RADIO and ECHOLINK revisited

A while ago, I posted about Ham Radio and many of you operators came out of the woodwork. The topic of Echolink came up.

I received this today:

Dear Fr. Z.,

Do you speak Italian? [yes] I think so, but if no, to save you time you can disregard my message.

I am an American hermit living in the Sibillini Mountains of Amandola, Italy. [Beautiful. I drove through that area once.] I discovered a priest here is a licensed HAM operator (probably the only one… population ~3,000). I shared the information from your blog on Echolink and he is looking into it. He expressed an interest in contacting you via HAM radio.

I have an ulterior motive. It seems to me that the people here are asleep regarding ‘The Coming Storm’ and I suspect that Padre ___ might have an important role.

If such would be possible please know that I am clueless as to how to arrange contact.

May God reward you for all you do!

Blessings and prayers,
Sr. ____, hermit

Some of the folks who read this blog have written about Echolink HERE.

I signed up for Echolink and was approved, by I haven’t done anything with it yet, other than download the app for my phone and get my callsign approved.

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REVIEW: The Giver

I went to see The Giver today, since it had been touted as a solidly pro-life movie.

It was that!

I won’t reveal any spoilers, although many of you have probably read the book.

As I watched, I suspected I was both missing things (since it is an adaptation of a book which I had never heard of, much less read) and getting things.  There isn’t any question that this movie exalts human life lived, in contrast to imposed uniformity through technological domination.  Think Brave New World meets Logan’s Run.  Even my comparisons date me: I am not the target demographic for this movie.  Then again, I am not the target for Guardians of the Galaxy, which I had never heard of either, but I thought that was a hoot.

BTW… another story of teens who need to be freed comes up this Friday, the new Jim Caviezel movie When The Game Stands Tall, (I saw an advanced screening of it) which is based on a true story and in which (most) adults are actually good guys. Do NOT miss that.  That is a movie that should have a great first week attendance.

As I watched The Giver was also strongly reminded of the technocrats of modern day Party of Death.  I suspect that that was not the intention of the makers, given that this movie was funded by the Weinsteins.  The movie focused on euthanasia, though not abortion.  But, everything in the movie was start repudiation of big-business abortion.  The falsely compassionate, viciously gentle, abomination of a society, with its eugenics and friendly murder is exactly what the Planned Parenthood, and those to whom they give awards, would hope for us.

And I could watch Meryl Streep read the phone book.  Perfect casting.  She is really creepy, while at the same time retaining some of motherly femininity, which made her ever creepier.   Why is it that all the mass killers in movies today are female?

One of my first reactions is that this is yet another movie about “trapped teenagers” longing to be free from their older oppressors (cf Hunger Games, Divergent, and… coming soon another dystopian teen story The Maze Runner).  I could also tell there were story gaps because of a few improbable leaps in the screenplay.

They did sneak in some Christian imagery, though I won’t say where.  Find it yourself.

But some arresting images will remain with me for a while.  Scenes of euthanasia, or impending euthanasia, were chilling.  They make you want to come out of your chair.  Also, the memory/montage sequences were effective, though I nearly rolled my eyes with one images of courage.

The movie is clean and I can recommend it for pretty much everybody.  It isn’t sophisticated… teens are the best audience.   GOOD!  They are the ones who need to be filled in on what faces them in the future.  I am sure it will spark some conversations if you go to it with your children or a group of young people.

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Student sneezes. Girl says, “Bless you!” Girl suspended.

ISIS has its secularized counterparts in these USA.

From WSMV:


(WMC) – A young girl, who claims she was standing up for her religious beliefs in the classroom, was suspended after breaking a class rule of saying “bless you” after a classmate sneezed.
When Dyer County High School senior Kendra Turner said bless you to her classmate, she says her teacher told her that was for church.

“She said that we’re not going to have godly speaking in her class and that’s when I said we have a constitutional right,” said Turner.

Turner says when she defended her actions, she was told to see an administrator. She says she finished the class period in in-school suspension.

Students sent WMC Action News 5′s Michael Clark a photo of the teacher’s white board that lists ‘bless you’ and other expressions that are banned as part of class rules.

It sparked discussion with Turner’s youth pastor Becky Winegardner last week at church.

“There were several students that were talking about this particular faculty member there that was very demeaning to them in regard to their faith,” Winegardner said.

Turner’s parents say the school leaders claim the outburst was a classroom distraction and that she shouted “bless you” across the room.


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ISIS sign appears in Ferguson

At Jihad Watch I saw a photo of a “protester” (read = thug) in Ferguson, MO, holding up an ISIS sign.

He and his discontented buddies should go - right now - to join the caliphate!

Once they are there, let them try their looting, blasphemy and drinking.

The present ISIS personnel would have special ways to school them.

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American journalist beheaded by members of Religion of Peace

I think it is pretty much certain now that Islamic terrorists of ISIS murdered an American journalist, James Foley, by beheading him.

From BBC:

Islamist militants ‘kill reporter James Foley on video’

The militants said the killing was revenge for US air strikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq.

Foley’s mother Diane said on Facebook she was proud of her son: “He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people.”


Here is an image I grabbed from Twitter with her statement:

I cannot fathom her pain and grief, but I admire her poise in this horrible moment.

Please keep James Foley and his grieving family in your prayers.

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.

Sts. Lawrence of Brindisi, pray for us.

UPDATE 20 August:

I just saw some of a presser with the parents of James Foley.

Prayerful… classy… poised.  This family seems, from the very little I have heard of it, to be God loving patriots and decent human beings.

On the other hand, I watched the necktie-less President’s comments from his vacation spot, Martha’s Vineyard.

All his words and images were proper.  POTUS spoke about terrorists and the horrible inhuman things they do.  He also said that people like the ISIS terrorists “ultimately fail”.

Do they?  If they “fail”, they fail because other people stop them.

They need to be stopped permanently.

Again, prayers for the Foley family.  And now, prayers too for Steven Sotloff and his family, who may be the next victim of these Islamic barbarians.

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Ann Carey, expert on women religious, dissects LCWR keynote – “convoluted, confused, and unfounded”

Ann Carey, author of the thoughtful and balanced Sisters in Crisis Revisited: From Unraveling to Reform and Renewal, masterfully dissected the astonishingly myopic and self-centered speech given at the recent LCWR meeting by Sr. Nancy Shreck.  I urge you to read Carey’s autopsy report in full HERE.

Here are some snips… with my emphases, comments:

The LCWR Doubles Down on Dissent

Sister Nancy Schreck’s keynote address to the LCWR 2014 annual assembly was equally confused and defiant.

“We have been so changed that we are no longer at home in the culture and church in which we find ourselves.” [There's a home for you in the Anglican church.]

This quotation from the keynote address (PDF) of Franciscan Sister Nancy Schreck to the August 12-15 annual assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is startling, considering that it comes from a vowed member of a religious order who is speaking for other sisters. While Catholics should not feel at home in this modern culture, not feeling at home in the Catholic Church is indeed another matter.

Yet that quotation and many of the other statements in Sister Schreck’s keynote do help explain why the LCWR has resisted the reform that was ordered two-and-a-half years ago by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) and reaffirmed in April 2013 by Pope Francis. [Shreck claims that those who don't work with or care for the poor can't understand where the LCWR types are coming from.  But... Pope Francis reaffirmed the CDF's examination of the LCWR.]


Rather than indicating any conciliation with the Holy See and the US bishops, the assembly keynote address by Sister Schreck, who was LCWR president in 1995, tried to explain why the LCWR was justified in taking the road it followed, implying that the Holy See had misjudged and misunderstood the LCWR.

Unfortunately, her reasoning was convoluted, confused, and unfounded in many respects, and she indicated that maintaining close ties to the Church was somehow incompatible with service to the poor and marginalized, the only ministry that she seems to believe is worthy of attention by today’s sisters.

Sister Schreck began by taking selected quotations from Perfectae Caritatis, the Vatican II document on the proper renewal of religious life. She summed up by saying that the document focused on four areas: the call to follow Christ; the return to the original spirit of religious institutes; adapting to changed conditions of our time; and promoting among members adequate knowledge of the social conditions of the times and the needs of the Church.

The sisters have faithfully implemented that document, Sister Schreck contended. [Does anyone believe that?  Does Shreck?  I doubt it.] “We have become more faithful not less, more clear about who we are, not less, and more free to give expression to our call, not less,” she said.  [And yet the are under the scrutiny of the CDF and US bishops.  And does anyone think that the CDF and the US bishops wouldn't rather be doing something else with their time and energy?]

Sister Schreck neglected to mention some other crucial elements in that council document, including the close relationship to the Church that is to be maintained by religious: “All institutes should share in the life of the Church, adapting as their own and implementing in accordance with their own characteristics the Church’s undertakings and aims in matters biblical, liturgical, dogmatic, pastoral, ecumenical, missionary, and social” (PC 2c). And: “Since the Church has accepted their surrender of self they should realize they are also dedicated to its service” (PC 5). [I wonder how much talk about "self surrender" there was during the LCWR meeting.  How will we ever know, since they straight-armed the people who could have helped them to be more transparent?]

Yet Sister Schreck indicated that implementing Perfectae Caritatis meant leaving long-established Catholic institutions and “habits, and convents, and schedules,” in order to minister to “margin dwellers.” [NB: The CDF is not interested in whether sisters wear veils or live in convents.  They are interested in their spirituality and formation.] She seems to have overlooked the directive of Perfectae Caritatis that “religious communities should continue to maintain and fulfill the ministries proper to them” (PC 20) while looking for new applications of those ministries in a changing world.


Instead of reflecting this classic understanding of religious life, Sister Schreck spoke with disdain for the “institutional church” and “royal theological positions,” seeming to prefer instead the “underside” of theology:

We came to know Jesus from the underside of theology, [Does that mean anything?] in the inner cities and homeless shelters, from immigrants and prisoners, with a view from prostitutes and from the children of slaves, from the scarred places on the earth, the places of environmental racism. We are continuing to explore who Jesus is and the meaning of the incarnation in the new cosmology. [Would that be the new cosmology of the 2012 keynote speaker?  HERE and HERE.  Maybe their underside theology involves synergistic convergence or cosmogenesis or even, wait for it... noosphere...!  And last year's speaker, HERE, took them on a trek through the cosmos to the edge of the universe.  They learned that they were "stardust".  Remember that?  Weird.  But it seems that the lessons were deeply imbibed.]

She claimed that “the authority of those who suffer has a special claim on the obedience of religious congregations,” as if fidelity to the Church is somehow incompatible with helping the suffering. [Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity are well-known as being faithful to the Church's teachings.  They qualify as helpers of the poor, don't they?  I think that if Sr. Shreck and Co. are so focused on the poor, they should spend some time living like the Sisters of Charity.] She also seems to have forgotten that thousands of sisters who went before her ministered to the suffering precisely because they were motivated by the teachings of the Church.


The keynoter also claimed that LCWR sisters have a “clarity of identity and purpose which we cannot expect those who have not taken the journey and done the work ever to be able to understand.[Pope Francis reaffirmed the CDF and US Bishops oversight of the LCWR... in case you had forgotten.] Conversely, she spoke of sisters being in a “middle space,” a state of “both creativity and disorientation” [The... noosphere... ?!?] in which “much of what was is gone, and what is coming is not yet clear.” [Perhaps it will synergistically converge on them from the theological underneath side of the, wait for it.... ]

This does not sound like clarity of identity and purpose. Sister Schreck said in the “middle space”  [... YES!  The "middle space"!] in which she locates religious life, “all of our theological categories are re-defined: concepts like love, divine presence, incarnation, and world view are reshaped.” [It's the result of a cosmosynergism of the middle underside.]

Yet, in spite of this confusion and lack of clarity, the sisters are determined to “use what we know from this mysterious middle place as wisdom for other organizations and institutions not because we are right but because we are faithful to the work of the middle space.”  [ALL HAIL THE MIDDLE SPACE!  WE SERVE THE MIDDLE SPACE!]

It is as if Sister Schreck is claiming that in all the chaos and confusion sisters have experienced since they put their own interpretation on Vatican II renewal and completely changed the concept of vowed religious life, they have discovered rich truths unknown to anyone else in the previous 20 centuries of Christianity. “Many keepers of the great religious traditions now seem frightened by what we have come to know, they seem to find it difficult to converse with the complexities and hungers of our vision,” she claimed.


No, that’s not narcissistic.  Nope, not at all.

Read the whole dissection for more.

What a train wreck.

And to think, LCWR denied me credentials.

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CRITICAL UPDATE!! LCWR Empowerment Moment

Over at Sancte Pater I found what must have been the next frame, or photo, shot after the one I posted HERE.

You might remember the photo.  The new prez, or co-mentor, or whatever she is called, between two women with short hair dressed in what look the chasubles appropriate for worship of Gaia, stands with her upturned hands held out.

Vincenzo found the next shot in the photo series.

Who knew?

I suppose the accompanying acolytes are taking her into custody for deprogramming.  Sister obviously has gotten into the wrong books!

You might visit Vincenzo’s online store for his Pius Clocks.  They are great!

Click me!

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MOSUL: ISIS Islamists forcibly circumcise Christian, sell Yazidi women as slaves

More love from the Religion of Peace.

Is the use of military force justified to stop this?

From Jihad Watch:

Islamic State forcibly circumcises Christian men, sells 700 Yazidi women

[... I won't post this part...]

“ISIS Forcefully Circumcised Assyrian Christian Men in Mosul, Sold 700 Yazidi Women,” AINA, August 18, 2014

(AINA) — The Tunisia Daily is reporting that the Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian men in Mosul, without anesthesia. The report does not specify the number of men that were affected but does state that it was an organized mass circumcision. ISIS has ordered the circumcision of all Christian children and adults who remain in Mosul.

Very few Assyrian Christians stayed in Mosul after ISIS gave them a deadline to convert, pay jizya, leave or die (AINA 2014-07-20).

The report also states that ISIS sold 700 Yazidi women for $150 each in a public slave auction in Mosul.

Perhaps we need a new religious order along the lines of the Trinitarians or Mercedarians, with a strong streak of heavily armed US Marine in them.

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.

St. Lawrence of Brindisi, pray for us.

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ASK FATHER: Departing priest crooned a show tune at Mass

Just for contrast!

From a reader…


One of our priests is moving on, and yesterday he gave his farewell at Mass.

Instead of a homily, he talked up St. Francis’ contributions to social justice, and about how our faith is represented in the many programs our church has.

He segues into a story of a ‘composer’ he knows of, who was struggling to write some lyrics for a song. He asked his daughter, “what would you say to a friend you will never see again?”

And then from the choir area, a sentimental piano chord sounds…

And the priest proceeds to sing, from the lectern, a love theme from the Broadway musical Wicked.

“”I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most to grow If we let them And we help them in return Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true But I know I’m who I am today Because I knew you…

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes the sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good”

“And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I’ve done you blame me for But then, I guess we know There’s blame to share And none of it seems to matter anymore”

It was just awful. Is there anything we can do?

Say a prayer of thanksgiving that he’s gone.

Offer up mortifications of your flesh for the parish upon which he has been inflicted.

Pray for all priests, even the ridiculous and silly ones.

And, please, accept my apology for all the goofy things priests have done, are doing, and will do in the future.

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