Scandalous parish in @ArchdioceseSPM – public celebration of homosexuality, IVR and surrogacy

UPDATE Jan 18:

It’s a good thing that people took the time to download that video. The parish (I assume) pulled it. However, we still have the proof that it happened as described.

Originally Published on: Jan 17, 2019

Several priests and laypeople have written to me about this.  It is troubling enough to merit wider attention.  It pains me in the extreme that this concerns my native place.

In the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis there is an infamous parish, St. Joan of Arc, which perpetrates weird and sacrilegious offences, especially liturgical, against the Faith.

I understand that, as advertised in the parish bulletin and enshrined in a video, there was the public baptism of a child – conceived through in vitro fertilization and with surrogacy – of a homosexual couple.

Rumors are one thing.  VIDEO is a “proof”.  Someone should grab the video before it is removed.

“Jesus also had two dads, and he turned out okay.” (cue applause)

Sentimentality aside, this is scandalous.

Baptizing a child living in this situation is a tough pastoral call.

However, exalting the circumstances as they do in this video, publicly, is scandalous.

Apart from the baptism, this is a complete public embrace of homosexual “marriage”, in vitro fertilization and surrogacy.

St. Joan of Arc – my heavens how insulting to this great saint! – has been a disaster for decades.   As a seminarian I went there a couple times to see what was going on – thirty years ago.  Lots of parishes have coffee and donuts, but not usually in church, during “Mass”.  I was fairly sure that the “Mass” was not valid, because of the substantial bread they had.  It is unfathomable to me that something hasn’t been done to deal with the abuses at this place.

I’ve written about this disaster parish for years.  HERE (2009) HERE (2008) HERE (2006)

One of the people who contacted me about this was from a different part of the country, not near Minneapolis at all.  Hence, I think this merits greater attention because of the scandal that it causes and the harm to the souls of those involved.

Concerned members of that Archdiocese might make their thoughts about this known to the chancery.

If anyone reading this decides to do so, be sure to be brief and be respectful.  I have some tips for how to write to priests and bishops, etc. HERE

I’ve turned ON the moderation queue.


Check out the pastor’s profanity laced raving in the current parish bulletin HERE.  Just because he used Yiddish words, that doesn’t mean that those words are not off-color.  Was his intention to mock Jews, or was he just trying to be cute?

Frankly, I don’t know what an Archbishop could do to … what?… clean up that place.  The appointment of any reasonably faithful priest as pastor would trigger immediate revolution.  What to do?  Suppress the place and sow the ground with salt?  Let it remain so that all the crazies concentrate there rather than trouble other parishes?  I have great sympathy for the Archbishop.

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My View For Awhile: Westward

I had some apprehension about airport security this morning because of the Shutdown™?. Sure enough, check in was mobbed. Having priority status helped and the line moved well. TSA was stacked up, but I really have to hand it to them. The line moved faster and the agents were more cheerful and courteous then when they are being paid.

Leaving the Cupboard Under The Stairs this morning, and pulling onto the exit road, I saw to the West your planet’s setting moon, a deep orange mass giving red overtones to a thin layer of intervening cloud. One could almost reach to squeeze the Sicilian blood from its rind.

Meanwhile, FedEx planes are taking off one after the other. What an amazing system we have.


I just saw the cockpit light up. A good sign.


Coffee was ready for the fore cabin and phones are doinking with alerts that our impedimenta has been loaded below.

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ASK FATHER: Finding good sponsors for confirmation

From a reader…


My son’s godmother passed away. He only had 1 godparent, because all the males I know, have not been confirmed. My question is what happens now? My son will be confirmed next year. Can someone else stand in for him?


Condolences on the death of your son’s godmother.

Canons 892 and 893 cover confirmation sponsors. While canon 893 says that it is desirable (expedit ut), this is not a requirement. In fact, canon 892 says that a confirmation sponsor is not absolutely required, but only “insofar as possible” (quantum id fieri potest).

If you’re having difficulty finding a sponsor for your son among family members and friends, you might wish to consider looking around those folks who are in the pews with you every Sunday.

In these times when fewer and fewer of many people’s family members are practicing the faith, I’ve often thought it would be a good apostolate for solid laypeople in a parish to establish a “guild” of sponsors, for baptism, confirmation, and even as best men/maid/matrons for marriage.

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ASK FATHER: Where can I get good Brown Scapulars?

From a reader…


You posted once reference to a nice scapular that you purchased, I bought one on your reference and need to replace it, but couldn’t find anything on your site about it? Do you remember where to get these great scapulars? I pray for you daily. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the prayers.  I need them.

You may be asking about “Mantle of Mary” brown scapulars.  There are many good producers of beautiful and durable scapulars, but that is what I found in my email.

Some people may not realize this, but the smaller scapulars that many use are miniature scapulars of habits, reduced to a minimum.

In the case of the Brown Scapular, once you are enrolled, if you need to replace your scapular because it is worn out (burn it when you need to dispose of it, or bury it), you can simply obtain another and begin to wear it.  You don’t have to have it blessed.  It doesn’t do any harm to have it blessed, but it is not necessary.   That is the case of the Brown Scapular.  I am not sure that that applies to others, such as the Green and the Red.


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ASK FATHER: Friday penance on flight across International Date Line

From a reader…


I have the privilege of traveling to Western Australia for work in a few weeks and during my trip I will skip Friday. I leave the US on a flight on Thursday and after an almost 18 hour flight land on Saturday morning. So my question is am I obliged to a Friday Penance (normally I abstain from meat) if I don’t “have” a Friday that week?

I, too, am facing a flight across the International Date Line.

When you travel, we try to observe the law in the place where we are.  In the day of fast travel, zooming along, we enter into a realm of uncertainty.   Where are we?  When I last flew to Tokyo, I arrive an extra day after I left, but, returning home, I arrived a couple hours before I departed.   And what would we do in the International Space Station.  What will we chaplains of the Space Force tell our charge?

When things are uncertain, we are given the benefit of the doubt.  Law favors us when it comes to obligations.

First, we are bound to do penance on Fridays, but the law says that we can substitute penances.  A flight to Australia is already a penance… in a lot of ways.

Also, if you want to abstain from meat during the flight, great!  Airlines offer alternatives.

I don’t think you are obliged to abstain from meat in this particular circumstance.  Even though abstaining from airline meat isn’t a huge penance.

We should be pleased to do penance, willing and joyful, when we can.  However, the laws of penance are flexible.  We have to take responsible charge of our fulfillment of the law.  We can do penance in lots of ways that the law doesn’t specify.

Do you have a middle seat on your flight… to Australia?


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Public penance and public reparation

The other day, Archbp. Vigano, bless him, issued a public letter in which he calls for disgraced Theodore McCarrick publicly to repent.

I have on various occasions opined that bishops should prostrate themselves in the steps of their cathedrals in public reparation.

Public penance and public reparation was once a regular practice in the Church.

An example of these public rites can be read about – fascinating – at Liturgical Arts Journal today. Shawn Tribe recounts the rites in the 17th and 18th century in the Diocese of Rouen.

He has an extract of the Grand Penitentiary of Rouen in 1673. The rites are described. There are great old etchings of moments of the rites. The prayers and symbolic gestures are beautiful. Note the significance of the candles.

I am not sure that we need public rites for penitents, even for truly serious sins of a public nature. I’m also not saying that we don’t! However, I think I would support public acts of reparation.

Meanwhile, everyone….


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Card. Mahony to speak at the Three Days of Darkness

Time is flying and, in March, the Three Days of Darkness will be renewed in Los Angeles, the infamous – and all these terms are debateable – Religious Education Conference.

If you can believe it, the former Archbishop of LA, Card. Mahony is, incredibly, scheduled to speak.

Card. Mahony.

You might check this commentary by John Zmirak.  HERE


How bad were the Three Days of Darkness last year?  HERE  and HERE

In that second one, there is a video with a guy, Horan, with a deeply dopey piece at Fishwrap recently.  This creepy fellow teaches at Chicago Theological Union.  Figures.

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UPDATE: “the finest rosaries I’ve ever seen” with a new site

In the last few months I have written about the return of the finest rosaries I’ve ever seen.   Especially HERE.

Also, I wrote about these rosaries at the end of December.  I had black and white matching rosaries made for the President and 1st Lady, which were – for sure – delivered and appreciated.  HERE

By way of an update, Marian, of Simple Rosaries, has a new website.  She was, before, using, Etsy.   Now, you should visit at


These rosaries are quite different in style and feel from the other rosaries which I have stumped for in the past, the Combat Rosary.  HERE (It looks like there is a sale going on.)  However, the different styles meet different needs.  For example, when I am on road, I take the Combat version.  Otherwise, I use the last of the rosaries that the amazing Gayle made (mother of Marian, who has taken up the job).

If you are looking for exquisite gifts of a spiritual nature, which could be a lifetime treasure and then a family heirloom, check these out.

In The Present Crisis we need the Most Holy Rosary now more than ever.

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SOS! New Chant Collection: Prière pour temps de détresse … Prayer in time of distress, suffering, urgency… SOS Chant

I received a note from a friend, a recommendation about a sacred music “disc”.  “Great”, quoth I, “Yet another recording of the Requiem Mass,” or some such.

No.  This is a little different.

Here is a beautifully chanted cri de coeur.

Who will deny that we are in a time of crisis?

Prière pour temps de détresse – an MP3 “disc” with some 23 complied selections of mostly Gregorian chant, “Prayers for a time of distress” by various artists.  59 minutes.

Prière pour temps de détresse… Prayer in a time of suffering, a time of urgency… SOS Prayer.

There is Aramaic chant and Gregorian sung by nuns of Rosans Abbey, other choirs.  A soloist provides interesting versions of the Lamentations.  Included are quite a few tracks by the incredible Choeur Grégorian de Paris, one of the best recording groups out there.  They sing with confidence and with comprehension.  They really get it.  You can understand the texts as they sing.  One might quibble slightly with the level of vibrato on the part of a soloist, but, heck, they are great.  How I would love, on a visit to Paris, to celebrate Mass with them singing. If memory serves, they sometimes sing at the Missions étrangères on the Rue du Bac.

The selections are… sober. I say sober, not lugubrious. First, any chant can be made to sound lugubrious if it is sung in a lugubrious manner. Also, we pay attention to the texts of the chant. The practice of praying the Psalms, which are really chants, attends to the confidence that we have in God. There is nothing lugubrious about that.


By the way, it would be good to have a “disc” of the Office of the Dead and of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.   While we’re at it, how about ALL of Tenebrae?

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ASK FATHER: St. Gertrude’s Prayer and releasing 1000 souls from Purgatory

From a reader….


I’m presenting an argument, I know that “St. Gertrude’s Prayer doesn’t release 1000 souls, although she was very saintly like so I don’t deny that her fervor in prayer released many souls, HOWEVER, I am uneasy with the fact that if it even belongs to this mystic, how can the laity offer the masses, when only priests can offer the mass for the dead. I never get a good feeling when I say this prayer. I avoid it. It’s been said we should reject all prayers that promises to release any amount of souls.

There’s a lot going on here.

First,  St. Gertrude was a 13th c. Benedictine, saint and mystic.  She received private revelations.  She is often called “the Great”.  She was an early promoter of veneration of Sacred Heart.

What is the St. Gertrude Prayer?

“Eternal Father, I offer You the most precious blood of thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal Church, for those in my own home, and in my family. Amen.”

That’s a lovely prayer.

Nowhere in the writings that have come down to us did Gertrude make the claim about 1000 souls.

For the last couple centuries, as a matter of fact, the Church has tried to weed out specious claims that have attached themselves to certain pious practices.   This is precisely one of those claims.   For this reason the Church abolished the “Toties Quoties” indulgences, etc. (practices by which one could gain any number of plenary indulgences in a day).

So, yes, reject the notion or claim that any prayer will release a certain number of souls from purgatory.  However, that doesn’t mean that the prayer is a bad prayer.  Claims about it are bad.  We can say the same for perfectly acceptable prayers on old holy cards that say that a certain number of days reduced for Purgatory (or other time measures) are obtained.   Number of souls or of days?  No.  But the prayers can still be good!

When we are dealing with indulgences, we are dealing with serious spiritual actions and implications.   They should be treated with the sobriety they deserve.

You also mention offering Masses for the Dead.   Yes, only priests can say those Masses.  However, lay people can ask that they be said and then participate in them.  By baptism, lay people share in the priesthood of Christ.  They are not priests like ordained priests are.  But, by baptism lay people offer spiritual sacrifices.  You are enabled to offer acceptable and pleasing sacrifices and prayers to the Lord.

Even if you cannot go to Mass, you can in prayer still participate by desire.  Somewhere a Mass is being said right now.  There is an old prayer, in the form of a poem, much in the language of a different and more effusive period, about sending your Guardian Angel to be at Mass in your place.

Go, my Angel Guardian dear,
To church for me, the Mass to hear.
Go, kneel devoutly at my place
And treasure for me every grace.
At the Offertory time
Please offer me to God Divine.
All I have and all I am,
Present it with the Precious Lamb.
Adore for me the great Oblation.
Pray for all I hold most dear
Be they far or be they near.
Remember too, my own dear dead
For whom Christ’s Precious Blood was shed.
And at Communion bring to me
Christ’s Flesh and Blood, my food to be.
To give me strength and holy grace
A pledge to see Him face to face
And when the Holy Mass is done
Then with His blessing, come back home.

Yes, it’s a little syrupy, but there’s nothing wrong with that!  It is okay to use this emotional and flowery language for prayer along with the more concise and sober prayers we use.  Perhaps praying as children pray could be a good idea.

Also, it is a work of mercy to pray for the dead.  As such, we are confident that prayer for the dead is good and it is effective.   We believe that Christ gave His authority to the Church to bind and to loose, on the basis of, drawing from the treasury of His merits and those of the saints.   We should go to this treasury often!  It is superabundant.  Let’s be generous and not stingy or negligent.

Finally, prayers are not offered in vain.  Sometimes God says no, but that is no obstacle.  Somehow, our prayers are effective, made so by God, even if we don’t see the fruits of those prayers right away.   In the General Judgment, God will show us how these things all work together.

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Please use the sharing buttons! Thanks!

Registered here or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Some are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below.

You have to be registered here to be able to post.

I still have pressing personal petitions.

  1. Healing after my accident. I have to travel on Friday.
  2. A good bishop for Madison.
  3. Personal.
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When tweets become problematic

A few days ago a priest friend texted me saying that Newark’s Archbishop Card. Tobin had begun to tweet again.  There was a hiatus in his tweeting after an… unfortunate incident.

I’m wondering if someone can verify whether or not this is really an account of Card. Tobin or if it is a fake.   The question arises after reading this…

At best this is awkward.  At worst this is heresy.  That phrase, “seeking redemption” goes with… Jesus? Sinners?  Who was “seeking redemption”?  “He stood…. seeking redemption.”  or “with sinners (who were) seeking redemption.”

The Redeemer was reborn in grace?  How could any “rebirth” be needed?  As an “example”?  What sort of example would that be, the sort that Pelagius would understand?

There’s a lot in that short tweet, isn’t there.

A lot of people reacted badly to that tweet. So many that a clarification was issued.


The moderation queue is ON.

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4th Letter from Archbishop Viganò

From the Lepanto Foundation, I have the text of a 4th letter made public by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

It is addressed to McCarrick.

Letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

We today publish a fourth document by His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò, dated Sunday January 13th, released on the occasion of the feast of the Baptism of the Lord and of St. Hilary of Poitiers, the indomitable French bishop who, together with Saint Athanasius, kept the faith during the 4th century Aryan heresy. The document is an open letter to Cardinal McCarrick to urge him to repent.

Dear Archbishop McCarrick,

As has been reported as a news by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the accusations against you for crimes against minors and abuses against seminarians are going to be examined and judged very soon with an administrative procedure.

No matter what decision the supreme authority of the Church takes in your case, what really matters and what has saddened those who love you and pray for you is the fact that throughout these months you haven’t given any sign of repentance. I am among those who are praying for your conversion, that you may repent and ask pardon of your victims and the Church.

Time is running out, but you can confess and repent of your sins, crimes and sacrileges, and do so publicly, since they have themselves become public. Your eternal salvation is at stake.

But something else of great importance is also at stake. You, paradoxically, have at your disposal an immense offer of great hope for you from the Lord Jesus; you are in a position to do great good for the Church. In fact, you are now in a position to do something that has become more important for the Church than all of the good things you did for her throughout your entire life. A public repentance on your part would bring a significant measure of healing to a gravely wounded and suffering Church. Are you willing to offer her that gift? Christ died for us all when we were still sinners (Rom. 5: 8). He only asks that we respond by repenting and doing the good that we are given to do. The good that you are in a position to do now is to offer the Church your sincere and public repentance. Will you give the Church that gift?

I implore you, repent publicly of your sins, so as to make the Church rejoice and present yourself before the tribunal of Our Lord cleansed by His blood. Please, do not make His sacrifice on the cross void for you. Christ, Our Good Lord, continues to love you. Put your entire trust in His Sacred Heart. And pray to Mary, as I and many others are doing, asking her to intercede for the salvation of your soul.

“Maria Mater Gratiae, Mater Misericordiae, Tu nos ab hoste protege et mortis hora suscipe?. Mary Mother of the Grace, Mother of Mercy, protect us from the enemy and welcome us in the hour of death.
Your brother in Christ,

+ Carlo Maria Viganò

Sunday, January 13, 2019
The Baptism of the Lord
Saint Hilary of Poitiers

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14 January – Happy Feast of the Ass!

Today, 14 January, is the Feast of the Ass, Asses… the Festum Assinorum (in Latin, plural… inclusive!).

No, I am not talking about whom you think I’m talking about.  And, no, it’s not a special Jesuit feast.

The feast which became popular in France, could have stemmed from the so-called “feast of fools”.  It may tendrils into biblical donkeys, or the integration of the ass into the nativity narrative.  It could have been in part inspired by a sermon of pseudo-Augustine.

The day included the tradition of a parading a couple of kids (not goats) on an ass (not a Jesuit) right into the church, next to the pulpit during the sermon.  The congregation would respond with loud “hee haws”.

Who said that the Middle Ages were dreary?

In any event, it was celebrated for a long time and then faded out.

Here are possible greeting cards.

One for your parish priests….

Dear Fr. ___

There is a rather long entry about this at Wikipedia.  It includes a liturgical note:

At Beauvais the Ass may have continued his minor role of enlivening the long procession of Prophets. On the January 14, however, he discharged an important function in that city’s festivities. On the feast of the Flight into Egypt the most beautiful girl in the town, with a pretty child in her arms, was placed on a richly draped ass, and conducted with religious gravity to St. Stephen’s Church. The Ass (possibly a wooden figure) was stationed at the right of the altar, and the Mass was begun. After the Introit a Latin prose was sung.

The first stanza and its French refrain may serve as a specimen of the nine that follow:

Orientis partibus
Adventavit Asinus
Pulcher et fortissimus
Sarcinis aptissimus.
Hez, Sire Asnes, car chantez,
Belle bouche rechignez,
Vous aurez du foin assez
Et de l’avoine a plantez.

(From the Eastern lands the Ass is come, beautiful and very brave, well fitted to bear burdens. Up! Sir Ass, and sing. Open your pretty mouth. Hay will be yours in plenty, and oats in abundance.)

Mass was continued, and at its end, apparently without awakening the least consciousness of its impropriety, the following direction (in Latin) was observed:

In fine Missae sacerdos, versus ad populum, vice ‘Ite, Missa est’, ter hinhannabit: populus vero, vice ‘Deo Gratias’, ter respondebit, ‘Hinham, hinham, hinham.’

(At the end of Mass, the priest, having turned to the people, in lieu of saying the ‘Ite missa est’, will bray thrice; the people instead of replying ‘Deo Gratias’ say, ‘Hinham, hinham, hinham.’)

Here’s a treat for the Feast of the Ass.

Judging from the lyrics, this seems to be the festive installation of the “bishop” …who’s seems, appropriately, to be an ass. Cliche today, perhaps, but still fun.

Have you sent a greeting card to someone?

BTW… there is a musical setting. HERE

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard as you fulfilled your Sunday Mass obligation?

Let us know.

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