NYC Day 1: Pastrami

I feel about 75% better today after sleeping for about 10 hours.  Half of me is still in Japan (adjusting ad orientem is hard for me while going west isn’t that bad) and the other half is worn out from the roller coaster of the last horrid week.

We had a lovely Mass last night, Solemn with Deacon and ‘Subdeacon’, glorious music.  I talked about the Sacred Heart as a model for dealing with other people, especially fallen away Catholics, and asking help of your Guardian Angels when you have conflict or need help in finding the right path with them.

No hurricane today.  I think it’s heading in the other direction.

When one visits New York one goes for pastrami at Pastrami Queen.  Lunch was a warming matzoh ball soup and half a sandwich.


Off to the Met.  The place is jammed, but I wanted to see at least a few of my favorites in the John Singer Sargent exhibit, in its last days.

Coat check… which I almost never do.  The galleries are full and it is warm.


In the exhibit I could hear “There’s ‘Madame X’!” around me from a remarkable selection of people.

No Christological Goldfinches in sight.


In the connecting corridor there are frequently changing exhibits, usually of prints, sketches and the like.  Here is one by GB Castiglione (+1664) of The Discovery of the Bodies of Saints Peter and Paul.  An etching.

There some influence of Rembrandt and his shadowy style.  Note how the figures clutch at each other in awe.  Paul is headless while Peter still holds his keys.


Manet, the wild child of his day, gave us this Dead Christ with Angels from 1864.

He made the mistake of putting the wound in His side on the wrong side.  Baudelaire remarked that he gave the Salon critics yet another thing to scoff at.   Critics hated the  realism of the dead Body.  But they seem to have hated everything those days that didn’t idealize.  



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WDTPRS – 19th Sunday after Pentecost: “Why did God make you?”

saint_expeditus___believe_by_algamanThe snippers and stitchers of the Consilium allowed this Sunday’s prayer to survive unscathed in the post-Conciliar editions of the Missale Romanum. The Collect still echoes the ancient sentiments of Holy Church wherever the Roman Rite’s Ordinary Use of Holy Mass is offered in Latin on the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time.


Omnipotens et misericors Deus, universa nobis adversantia propitiatus exclude: ut mente et corpora partier expediti, quae tuae sunt, liberis mentibus exsequamur.

In your distinguished Lewis & Short Dictionary you will find that pariter is an adverb, “equally, in like manner” and “at the same time”, connecting mens and corpus (think of the adage mens sana in corpore sano… “a healthy mind in a healthy body”).  Adversantia, neuter plural active participle, is from adversor “to stand opposite to one, to be against, i.e. to resist or oppose (in his opinions, feelings, intentions, etc.); while resistere and obsistere denote resistance through external action.”   It is constructed with the dative, which explains the nobis.   The distinction between “internal” and “external” is useful crowbar to pry open this Collect.

We encounter many difficulties and challenges in life.  There is resistance and adversity.  Indeed, there is an Adversary.  We are opposed from without and from within. We must constantly cope with the unreconstructed effects of original sin together with the diabolical workings of the enemy of the soul, who stirs up passions, memories, and implants wicked thoughts and images.   Very wisely Holy Church prayed at Compline every night (but now only on Tuesdays) the passage: “Be sober and vigilant: for your adversary (adversarius) the devil is going around like a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour: whom you must resist (resistite), strong in the faith.  But you, O Lord, have mercy on us”  (1 Peter 5: 8-9). God truly is a God of mercy, to protect us so from such a dire foe.

Excludo literally means, “to shut out, exclude; to cut off, remove, separate from any thing.”  Therefore it also means, “to drive out, thrust out, hinder, prevent.”  We are praying to God to keep away from us all things that actively hinder and oppose us and, if we stick closely to the distinction made between adversor, resisto, and obsisto, particularly interior dangers.

How will that come about?  God must be appeased.  He must be favorable towards us.  In the Collect we find the word propitiatus, a perfect passive participle from propitio, “to render favorable, to appease, propitiate.” Propitiatus is “having been appeased.”  Many forms of propitio appear in our liturgical prayers.  Its use reflects our recognition that as a race and as individuals we have sinned in His sight and offended Him.  Our offense required a Redeemer capable of appeasing the Father.  We offend God as a society or as groups only on the basis of the personal sins of individuals.  We must seek to make amends, but our efforts would be in vain without the merits of Christ’s sacrifice mediated through the Church.

It is an alarming and telling sign of the times that these days theologians and others are trying to eradicate the concept of “propitiation”.

saint_expeditus_by_vikthorThe word expediti is from expedio, “to extricate, disengage, let loose, set free, liberate any thing entangled, involved.”  When applied to persons, is means “to be without baggage”.  Thus, the noun expeditus, i, m., is “a soldier lightly burdened, a swiftly marching soldier.”  You might have heard of a “St. Expeditus” (feast day 19 April) a patron saint of procrastinators and computer programmers… for reasons which are perfectly clear.

St. Expeditus is appropriately depicted as a Roman soldier holding aloft a Cross.  Expediti refers, course, our freedom from the chains of sin which would have doomed us to eternal hell.

Going on, exsequor is “to follow, go after, pursue” as well as “to follow up, prosecute, carry out; to perform, execute, accomplish, fulfill”.  Finally, that quae tua sunt is literally “things which are yours”.  There isn’t room here to get into why but it refers to God’s will which for us are God’s commands.  Think of it this way, Jesus told His Mother and Joseph, “I must be about my Father’s business” (cf. Luke 2:49).

If you are going to Holy Mass in the Ordinary Form, in English, on the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, you will hear the obsolete-duck version from the old incarnation of…

OBSOLETE ICEL (1973 translation of the 1970MR):

God of power and mercy,
protect us from all harm.
Give us freedom of spirit
and health in mind and body
to do your work on earth


Almighty and merciful God,
having been appeased, keep away all things opposing us,
so that, having been unencumbered in mind and body equally,
we may with free minds accomplish the things which You command

Notice that the old ICEL version does nothing with the concept of propitiation.   The Latin makes a connection between the Father’s power, His mercy, and what was done according to His plan so that we could be saved.  Also, whereas soon-to-be-abandoned ICEL version refers to “freedom”, the Latin does so but with a sense that we are impeded or encumbered, or could be.   But I think the real objection to the old ICEL version must be how bland it is.  It is entirely unremarkable.

For those of you who may need to preach, or who want to drill more deeply into what our Collect really says, notice that it is cited in the Catechism of the Catholic Church 1742 in the section on “Human Freedom in the Economy of Salvation”, but with a different, more accurate translation:

“Almighty and merciful God, in your goodness take away from us all that is harmful, so that, made ready both in mind and body, we may freely accomplish your will.”

You could look up that section of the Catechism and study it, perhaps reflection during this election cycle about how human freedom doesn’t mean that we can do anything it pleases us to do, but rather that our actions must conform to our dignity as God’s living images, and that we must respect that image in others, at every stage of human life.  God has a plan in the economy of salvation for every one of His images, from conception to death.

Our Collect’s military language reminds me of the three-fold understanding of the Church: Militant, Suffering, and Triumphant.

We are lightly burdened foot soldiers (expediti) of the Church Militant on an urgent mission.  Enemies are all around. Obstacles abound without and within (adversantia).   Before going into battle soldiers shed their heaviest gear so they can move more freely. They take only what they need for clash about to begin and to fulfill commands (quae tua sunt).  Their training was grueling, repetitious, often boring. Their bodies are now strengthened, hardened.  They developed habits through the tedious drills so that when danger looms their minds are freed up (liberis mentibus).  Though they may be afraid, they can act with confidence when their commanders act with sure and true competence.

This is the ideal for the soldier.  It is the ideal for every Christian.  Virtues are habits developed over time by repetition and discipline.  Our Church’s pastors are our officers who must lead us through adversities towards our objective of heaven.   We must diligently learn and review the content of our Faith, especially in the fundamentals, basic catechism.  With discipline we must frequent the sacraments.  We must train our children, din into them the catechism use of the sacraments. They must be given a rule of life which, after a measure of time, becomes so much a part of them that it is nearly automatic.  We must foster it in ourselves as well.  It will carry us through even the worst things we might have to face.

Years ago I had an experience which confirmed the value of old-fashioned methods of catechism: rote memorization and repetition aloud.  I was called to a hospital to assist in a man’s difficult death.  I gave him Last Rites and talked with the family as they struggled with the end of their loved-one’s life.  An estranged daughter, beyond her middle years, which had clearly been pretty rough, was severely bitter.  She cursed life, fate and God for the cruelty her father’s dying.  She shouted at me, “Why did God make us if this is ALL THERE IS?”  I responded asking, “You tell me.  Why did God make you?”  She became very still.  Then she said, “God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next.” I continued, “What must we do to save our souls?”  On cue she responded with something that she hadn’t probably thought of for decades: “To save our souls, we must worship God by faith, hope, and charity. We must believe in Him, hope in Him, and love Him with all our heart.”  “Did your father do that?”, I asked.  “Oh, yes”, she said, “…. oh yes.”

She had been taught well as a child.   Without question there were times when she had to be forced to learn and to repeat over and over what seemed boring and pointless.  She had been drilled at school, perhaps, by the Sisters, the sort in habits with rulers, whom we now see mocked in the media by ungrateful cads who benefited from their dedication.  Her parents did their duty and gave her what she would one day need.  By the grace of God the gift her dying father pressed on her years before was rediscovered – in the moment when the battle over her soul was joined.

Many today criticize the old method of education by memorization and repetition.  They say that children just mouth things they do not understand.  Children might not understand what they are learning at that moment, but one day they will.  It will be ready for them. They will have it because it had been given them.  Soldiers, sailors and Marines gripe about their training and entertain homicidal thoughts about their drill instructor.  But when the time comes, they have the skills that will win battles and save lives.  Not a few Marines return to their DI to shake his hand and thank him.  We are pilgrim soldiers of the Church Militant.  To reach our goal of heaven, we need training, sacrifice, and leadership.

Since the days of the pontificates of St. John Paul II  and of Pope Benedict XVI, I believe we were, and still are, seeing a recovery of Catholic identity through a renewal of authentic worship in continuity with our tradition. There is a strong leadership among our bishops and priests, who are no longer permitting Holy Church to be shoved off the field of battle.  They aren’t entirely willing to be pushed around, even by other leaders in the Church.

Of course there are the wimps, who are caving in to pressure from the world.  Bp. Olmsted is not one of them.  HERE

Do all you can to support our bishops and priests.  Pray and fast for them.  Support their needs and projects.  Express that support to them.  And in your march of life be prepared always to give reasons for the hope that is in you (cf. 1 Peter 3:15).

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CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Saturday – CARDS!

The first thing to report is that I made a few QSL cards with my printer. I wanted to send a few out before I change my call sign.

Next, I am in NYC right now. I brought my hand held along. Perhaps I try to hit a couple repeaters here.

I finally made RF contact (as well as Echolink) with Fr. KD8ZFF (that “Foxtrot Foxtrot” really cuts through the mud. We have had a hard time making contact by radio. I suspect that my antenna is the problem, not his. Mine is effectively in a partial Faraday cage, given its position on a balcony.

I have developed a couple of Twitter accounts that we might use to set up contacts or connect on the fly.  More on them later. I have also placed a note on the top of the right side bar for when I am on my rig.  During the last week a few of us used that to try to find frequencies where we might hear each other.

Also, I brought my practice key along.  I bought it in Tokyo at Rocket Radio!

Also, with WB0YLE we are slowly working toward building a Catholic Net.

I am building a list of hams who frequent this blog (chime in if you are missing.


  • acardnal KE4WKV
  • Joan W4JMJ
  • BMKoenig K3BMK
  • chris1 KJ4MPE
  • crule N4TII
  • Bryan Boyle WB0YLE
  • Andy Lucy KG4ZMF
  • Navy Jeff KC9TCZ
  • pledbet424 WB0MZT
  • Kenneth Jones KB3JA/BY
  • asperges G4NJH
  • Dan Soderlund KBØEO
  • Hesiodos AD7QQ
  • MWindsor – KT5WX
  • dahveed – KD8ZIB
  • FloridaJoan – W4JMJ
  • Jilly – WA4CZD
  • jpaluh – KB3LUE
  • Humilitas – KC4RAC
  • Jeffc – AC5XL
  • pledbet424 – WB0MZT
  • Patrick L – AG4JQ
  • Dr Guinness – VK3SJB
  • MacBride – KC2MEO
  • Evan C – N5EDC
  • boxerpaws1952 – N3XFQ
  • chris_R – N3GBJ
  • Jack – W1JEM
  • Julia12 – KC9ALW
  • moon123 – KB9VSE
  • Pearl – KC8JSL
  • OK_doc – KF5THY
  • Baritone – KD5AYJ
  • ByzCath08 – W8GMN
  • Mojoron – K0CCP
  • Deacon Bob – W8CRO
  • Incensum – N9WIV
  • SimonsDad – KB1WOL
  • O. Possum – KC1BGU
  • Curt – AF7KQ
  • Arthur – KD9BRV
  • jeff_logullo – N0MII
  • ckamas – AD6CL
  • revueltos67 – KE5AKL
  • marty5519 – N7CYY
  • MouseTemplar – KE8CDO
  • Cascade_Catholic – KD7IGW


  • Fr. David McGuire AE4LH
  • frdanbecker WA1ZHQ
  • Rev. Canon Glenn Gardner K9ALT
  • plaf26 – KC0GA
  • Fr. Bryan – KD8ZFF
  • starprst- AB4TS
  • Fr. J. Stefanski – SQ3SWS / N2FCH
  • Fr. Paul A. – Cannariato KB2TJY

There must be more of you!


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CDF priest comes out of the closet and makes demands. He’s fired.

On the eve of the Synod, a homosexual priest working for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and teaching at a university in Rome publicly announced himself to be a homosexual and that he has a “companion”.  He took advantage of the imminent Synod and recent news stories about the “gay friendly” Pope Francis to come out and also to issue an absurd 10 point “manifesto” demanding that the Church change her teachings about homosexuality.

Keep in mind that even were the Church to do that – in his dreams – it wouldn’t be enough. Nothing is enough for militant “gays”.

The Holy See’s reaction?  He’s fired from his positions.

ChurchMilitant has a pretty summary of the train wreck that occurred.

ROME, October 3, 2015 ( – A Polish priest working at the Congregration for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has admitted his homosexuality [poor man] and issued a manifesto demanding changes to Church teaching. [deluded man]

The priest, Msgr. Krzysztof Charamsa, is a professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University [a Jesuit institution] and has been on the Vatican’s International Theological Commission since 2009. [big deal]

In a video released yesterday by the Polish LGBT activist group Artyku? osiemnasty, Msgr. Charamsa declares his homosexuality  [poor man] and admits to having a boyfriend. [deluded man]

Also released along with the video was a 10-point manifesto of demands. [deluded man]

1. Disposal of homophobia and anti-gay discrimination

2. Condemnation of punishment for homosexuality


3. Cessation of the Church’s interference in guaranteeing human rights by democratic states


4. Canceling incompetent and prejudicial documents

We demand the Pope revise the Catechism and repeal all the cruel documents that are incompetent to deal with the issue of homosexual persons, who are the object both of the Church’s compassion and stigmatization — in particular, the documents of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the heir to the Holy Inquisition. Unacceptable documents include:

a) the declaration Persona Humana from 1975, [let’s all make sure to re-read it!] discussing among other things the “pathological constitution” of homosexual persons, which by their nature supposedly “have difficulty adjusting socially” and carry an “disorder” that “without the necessary and significant adjustment” is considered a “depravity”;

b) Letter on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons of 1986, [an excellent, thoughtful and charitable document] which calls for “compassion” for homosexuals, who “suffer” from same-sex attraction, and which accepts the existence of “fair discrimination” against homosexuals and rejects only “unjust discrimination” against them;

c) the outrageous Considerations Concerning the Response to Legislative Proposals on the Non-Discrimination of Homosexual Persons in 1992; [Find it HERE]

d) Considerations Regarding Proposals to Legalize Unions Between Homosexual Persons from 2003, [Find it HERE] according to which homosexuality is “devoid of any genuine affective maturity,” and homosexual relationships are devoid of any “human and ordered form of sexual relations”;

e) the Catechism of the Church Catholic, sections 2357–2359, teaches that not only same-sex acts but also homosexual orientation are “objectively disordered.” It also emphasizes that by nature, homosexuals have no emotional complementarity with other human persons they love. And it adds that for most of us orientation is a difficult experience requiring compassion toward our neighbor, but not without avoiding just discrimination. How does the Church know what is our suffering and difficulty? Well, it is not sexual orientation, but homophobia from the Church. Learning via the Catechism is offensive, apart from the fact that the very definition of homosexuality is deficient, if not quite false. The analysis of the situation of homosexual persons is also deficient.

5. Immediate cancellation of discriminatory instructions about denying the priesthood to homosexual persons

We demand that the Pope immediately abolish regrettable instructions about refusing the ordination of homosexuals, endorsed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. [I say STRENGTHEN IT NOW! Find it HERE]

6. Initiate a serious interdisciplinary scientific reflection over the morality of human sexuality


7. Revision of the interpretation of biblical texts on homosexuality

We demand that the Church treat seriously the question of its own interpretation of the Bible, freeing itself of fundamentalism, noting verses that talk about homosexual people, never condemning them, and contextualizing biblical texts that address homogenital acts.

8. Adoption of ecumenical dialogue with our Lutheran and Anglican brothers about homosexuality


9. The need to ask for forgiveness toward homosexuals


10. Respect for and belief in homosexuals and change in the distorted position of the Church on what a homosexual Christian life should look like


Text of “Gazeta Wyborcza” received from Fr. Christopher Charamsy via Vox Cantoris. Translation slightly edited for clarity.

Interview Transcript:


Msgr. Charamsa is expected to give a press conference on Saturday at noon in Rome. [Link to Corriere della sera – the conference was held in a restaurant]

The Holy See has reacted by firing this priest from his position at the CDF and his teaching jobs.

From the Bollettino today:

Traduzione in lingua inglese

With regard to the declarations and interview given by Msgr. Krzystof Charamsa it should be observed that, notwithstanding the respect due to the events and personal situations, and reflections on the issue, the decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the Synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the Synod assembly to undue media pressure. Msgr. Charamsa will certainly be unable to continue to carry out his previous work in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical universities, while the other aspects of his situation shall remain the competence of his diocesan Ordinary.

[01621-EN.01] [Original text: Italian – working translation]

There is no way that recent news items did not play a role in precipitating this coming out party.

This priest is now done … as a priest.  His ordinary gets to deal with him now.

The sodomites are emboldened.   I suspect that this will sooner or later break out in violent demonstrations and protests.

Now more than ever, bishops need to make sure that their seminarians are heterosexual and clear about the Church’s teachings, especially about the pastoral care of homosexual persons.

Moreover, I suggest to priests and bishops that they increase their situational awareness, even with specialized training, and secure their residences and increase security at their parishes and institutions.

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ZUHLIO RETURNS! “Fifty Ways To Rig A Synod”

zuhlio-50-ways-to-rig-a-synod3It is my pleasure to release here the super ultra exclusive new hit from the always backward-looking performance artist Zuhlio!

With the disturbing foreknowledge that the organizing office of the Synod of Bishops was going to change the rules and procedures yet again, the artist Zuhlio teamed up with the legendary T. Ferguson (whose initials are strangely similar to those of this blog’s official parodohymnodist Fr. Tim Ferguson).

You will recall some of Zuhlio’s previous hits, which you no doubt hum to yourselves even now.  Who can forget Where Have All the Sisters Gone?  Zuhlio_sisters_coverHow about “Lady Tambourine Priest”?  How about his even bigger hit song from his urban rapper phase “Aging Hippie Paradise”.


The briefing is on.


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Horror in Oregon … and Glory? A reminder about your own soul and death.

I am sure you are all as horrified and alarmed at what happened in Oregon yesterday as I (and at certain knee jerk political reactions) and that you are offering your prayers for the victims and families and perhaps also the perp.

If reports are accurate the murderer targeted for death the Christians who identified themselves.

According to a story at WND, …

The Oregon gunman who lined up his victims and asked specifically which ones were Christians before shooting them execution style had a special interest in “magick” and “spiritualism” and had joined a dating website called “Spiritual Passion.”

On the site, [I won’t post his name – damnatio memoriae], 26, who killed nine people and injured seven at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg before he was shot and killed by police, describes his politics as “Republican” and his interests as “killing zombies,” meditation, the occult and punk-rock music.

He also made clear that he had a disdain for organized religion.

Using the handle “IronCross45,” Mercer describes himself as a “not religious,” man who lives with his parents. He belonged to a group on the site who shared common interests in “magick and the occult.

So, this guy was into things that could open himself up even to demonic forces.  Deviant in the head and perhaps even possessed.

I wonder if he played lots of violent video games.

If this deviant killed those people for hatred of Christianty… when the victims had not denied their Christian identity… perhaps they do indeed at this moment see their Creator, as the killer ominously threatened.

May God have mercy on them all, but there may be that silver lining in the teary cloud.

Some of them may be modern martyrs.

This incident should prompt us all to greater situational awareness on many levels, not the least is the spiritual level.

Pay attention to your surroundings and the people around you.  No, really.  Don’t blunder along like a zombie glued to your stupid phone.  Look around.  Be aware.  Keep your head on a swivel.

Pay attention to your state of soul and the exigencies of your vocation.  If being alert I your material surrounding is important, being honest and observant in regard to your soul is even more important.

Death is short.  Eternity isn’t.

I urge you to spend time thinking about the Four Last Things.   We don’t know the moment or manner of our going before the Judge.

Be prepared.


Get yourselves right with God, self and neighbor.

Don’t be presumptuous when it comes to your salvation or God’s mercy.

Pray.  Ask God to save you and your loved ones from a sudden and unprovided death.

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My View For Awhile: Hurricane Dodging Edition


I’m on my way into the storm.

Of course no sooner do I get to the gate but we hear an announcement that there is a traffic flow slowdown due to rain.  Why they can’t push these notifications out a little earlier is beyond me.  So our departure is delayed by at least 30 minutes.  I expect it’ll be more than that in the end.

From the time I parked in the ramp to the time I sat down at the gate and posted this – less than 15 minutes.


Stuck a while longer.

At least a) these are battle hardened veteran travelers (No drama. No one trimming toenails.  Nobody fretting.) and b) I have good reading material on my Kindle.



 Reports tricking in of today’s presser.  Also, I’m watching giddy tweets from the usual suspects about the statement on the meeting Pope Francis and Kim Davis. “It wasn’t a real audience!”  I guess that means … I don’t know what that means.  They still met.

I didn’t read anywhere that the Pope met at all with Sr Gramick.  But had he, the usual suspects would have been cawing that the Pope was giving support to “gays” no matter what.


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Pope Francis, Kim Davis meeting: development

I am getting notes that a statement has been released saying that the meeting between Pope Francis and Kim Davis, doesn’t necessarily mean support from the Holy Father for what Davis did. HERE

Of course not, but…

watch the usual suspects start the usual conga line!

Statement regarding a meeting of Pope Francis and Mrs. Kim Davis at the Nunciature in Washington, DC (Fr F. Lombardi, Director of the Press Office of the Holy See)

The brief meeting between Mrs. Kim Davis and Pope Francis at the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, DC has continued to provoke comments and discussion. In order to contribute to an objective understanding of what transpired I am able to clarify the following points:

Pope Francis met with several dozen persons who had been invited by the Nunciature to greet him as he prepared to leave Washington for New York City. Such brief greetings occur on all papal visits and are due to the Pope’s characteristic kindness and availability. The only real audience granted by the Pope at the Nunciature was with one of his former students and his family.

The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects.

Dichiarazione su un incontro del Papa Francesco con la Signora Kim Davis alla Nunziatura di Washington, DC (P. F.Lombardi, Direttore della Sala Stampa della Santa Sede)

Il breve incontro fra la signora Kim Davis e il Papa presso la Nunziatura di Washington ha continuato a provocare una serie di discussioni e commenti. Al fine di contribuire a una comprensione obiettiva di ciò che è avvenuto posso precisare che:

Il Papa ha incontrato presso la Nunziatura di Washington successivamente diverse decine di persone invitate dalla Nunziatura per salutarlo in occasione del suo congedo prima della partenza da Washington per New York City, come avviene durante tutti i viaggi del Papa. Si è trattato di saluti molto brevi di cortesia a cui il Papa si è prestato con la sua caratteristica gentilezza e disponibilità.

L’unica “udienza” concessa dal Papa presso la Nunziatura è stata ad un suo antico alunno con la famiglia. Il Papa non è quindi entrato nei dettagli della situazione della signora Davis e il suo incontro con lei non deve essere considerato come un appoggio alla sua posizione in tutti i suoi risvolti particolari e complessi.

Furthermore, former Father Greg Reynolds is still excommunicated.


If the nervous powers that be really wanted this story to go away, perhaps they shouldn’t have released a statement.  That statement guaranteed a couple more days, at least, in the news cycle.   Unless… their desire to placate a special interest group within and without outweighed their desire to make this news disappear.

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ACTION ITEM! Birettas for Seminarians Project: UPDATED

I am sure you recall the Birettas for Seminarians Project we had a little while ago.  It was a success.  HERE

I am still getting notes from seminarians hither and yon who need birettas.

John Hastrieter at Leaflet Missal in St. Paul wrote that he has about 50 seminarians on a “biretta wanted list” but… and my eyes well with tears as I write this… no donors.


Don’t write to me.  Rather, contact John in church goods at Leaflet Missal in St. Paul – 651-209-1951 Ext-331. If he is away, leave a voicemail with your phonenumber and he will call you back ASAP.

John is keeping track of the names of the seminarians and their hat sizes. I would only get in the way of the process.

That is where YOU come in.

I think the list is pretty long!  That’s a good sign.  Let’s encourage these men.

Call John and buy a biretta for a seminarian.  It’s as easy as that.


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Nancy “The Theologian” Pelosi tears the throat out of a reporter asking about big-business abortion

Nancy “the Theologian” Pelosi (D-CA), devout practicing Catholic and mother!  Ain’t she sweet?

Listen to her nasty snapping tone when she is asked about big business abortion by a reporter.  To defend her darling Planned Parenthood, she’d tear the throat out of any member of the press so audacious as to suggest that perhaps this was an issue for comment.

HERE  Start at about 14:00.  It is only about a minute long.

Apparently big business abortion’s – with which she has an intimate relationship of mutual help – trafficking in baby parts is not a public policy issue.

Can. 915.

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