PODCAzT 30: Augustine on Peter and John; singing a Tridentine Requiem; St. Peter Celestine V

This time we hear St. Augustine of Hippo’s tr. 124 on the Gospel of John, in which he explores what Christ meant when He told Peter to follow Him but told John that He would have to stay until He came. 

Also, I sang a "Tridentine" Requiem today for Msgr. Richard Schuler, whose 30th day after death has arrived.   I have audio clips.  You might just hear a version of the Our Father in Latin sung in a tone you haven’t heard before if you haven’t been to a Requiem cantata.

We also dig into why St. Peter Celestine V, Pope (+1296) winds up in Dante’s Inferno.

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9 Responses to PODCAzT 30: Augustine on Peter and John; singing a Tridentine Requiem; St. Peter Celestine V

  1. Andrew says:

    Fr Z:

    That Durufle requiem … what a nice introduction.

    And a very inspiring podcast. Thank you.

  2. jeffrey says:

    Fr Z: Thank you for your podcasts. I love them. I wish I were better educated in the classics and rhetoric; could you recommend some books for me?

    thank you,

  3. Canon Lloyd says:

    Dear Father Z – what a beautiful podcast! The music truly fitting, the commentary superb and the excerpts of the Requiem for Msgr Schuler wonderful to hear (I am sure your mentor would be proud)!

    Thank you Father for all your work here on WDTPRS, informative, insightful and hopeful.

  4. Myrna M says:


  5. Myrna: Perhaps we can first get that “Caps Lock” key unstuck! As far as I can tell, the PODCAzT is streaming as it should.

  6. Bede says:

    Father, I always enjoy your podcasts, and they seem to be getting even better.

    I particularly enjoyed the excerpt from the Requiem Missa Cantata. It brought a lump to my throat.

    Thank you!

  7. Augustine says:

    Absolutely beautiful chanting at the Requiem, Father.

  8. Adam says:

    Can someone explain to me how to add this podcast to my iTunes podcasts? Is there a URL that I can paste in iTunes or something? I can’t figure out what to do.

  9. I think this is your link.


    However, I have been having a problem with iTunes not listing all my episodes. I guess I don’t quite understand how to integrate all this yet.