ALERT: I have zeroed in on a restaurant specializing in fish which, amazingly, I have not been to yet.  More amazingly, it is not far from where I live.

Aimeh!  Too little time….

This place is situated along the Via Pie di Marmo and, in its entrance, delights await the eye.  See them… waiting to be weighed and eaten.

Here is a detail of one fish which, frankly, I don’t recall ever seeing, much less digesting.

John 21:3! 

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  1. Patrick says:

    Could the restuarant possibly be Da Bruno, located in Trastevere? I have enjoyed several delicious meals of frutti di mare there.

  2. Diane says:

    While it’s a little difficult to tell while it’s dead, that fish with the yellow belly and stripes looks like some kind of wrasse.

  3. geneseejoe says:

    I love fish,especially smoked Cod and Salmon; unfortunately, where I live one must take out a loan to buy a pound of it. Even Haddock will set you back seven bucks.

  4. Andrew says:

    The colours are brilliant!

  5. Fabrizio says:

    but father, but father! You’re not eating poorly! You’re not spreading the gloom! How can we defend tradition if we do not spread the gloom?

  6. Fabrizio: Yes… you bring up a sobering point. It is true that in another entry some sad soul suggested that I ought to eat poorly, for that would be somehow better for the whole cosmos. This is a fascinating affirmation of the fact that even when people make the wrong choice for something bad they still think they are in that moment choosing a good. Hmmm… In any event, I am of the opinion that God made us good and gave us, as stewards of the material universe, good things to eat. These are material proofs that God loves us. So, in parody of my own blog-motto “Save The Liturgy – Save The World”, I came up with that blog-anti-motto “Eat Poorly – Spread The Gloom”.

    Alas, Fabrizio, we must combat the spreading of the gloom. I know you will agree that this is a worthy scheme. And since for a few days I have not eaten with the proper gloom dispelling authority I ought, kindly drop around here at the Domus sometime near 7:30 tonight. You may take me to supper and thus do your part in stopping the gloom.

  7. One of my favortie places in Rome is the market that appears each Saturday & Sunday at the Campo di Fiore. I’ve taken home some great little coffee pots and a rolling pin for pasta that would’ve cost a fortune at some gourmet shop in the USA. The colors, the people, the fruits & vegetables, the cheeses. I miss it!

  8. Fr. J.T.: Everyday except Sunday!

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