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At last, a photo of the “stable group”!

With an amused biretta tip to JG, who inspired this,  o{]:¬)  here we finally see a photo of a "stable group".

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Benedict XVI meets for Q&A with 400 priests

On SKY TG24 there is a good video in Italian on the meeting of the Pope with 400 priests of the region.  It was one of His Holiness’s usual conference style Q&A sessions, at which he is so brilliant. He … Continue reading

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Official Statement on MP by Bp. Harrington of Winona

UPDATED: In another entry, I had posted a statement of the Liturgy Office of the Diocese of Winona.  The Director of Communications of the Winona diocese then wrote in a comment  to that entry that that statement was not the … Continue reading

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Statement of Diocese of Winona (where the SSPX seminary is) on Summorum Pontificum

Here is the [official] statement on Summorum Pontificum from the [Liturgy Office of] Diocese of Winona.  This statement is of special interest because the Seminary of the SSPX is in the Diocese of Winona.   [UPDATE: In a comment below this … Continue reading

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I’m seeing a trend

I will ask for confirmation from you readers, but I am seeing a trend. The Motu Proprio is out, and we are feeling the calming of the adrenline.  Official statements of dioceses have been passed, and posted and parsed.  After … Continue reading

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