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PODCAzT 38: Ratzinger on “active participation”; The Sabine Farm; Merry del Val’s music

http://www.wdtprs.com/podcazt/07_07_25.mp3 Our PODCAzT today comes after a long break.  I has some technical problems. In today’s PODCAzT I continue the project I started last time of looking at some fundamental characteristic of Holy Mass, especially in light of the older, … Continue reading


It’s a conspiracy, tell you!

After solving a few of my techincal problems, which made getting the last couple PODCAzTs made and promulgated so arduuous, today I am having environmental problems! It seems like everytime I settle into get something done, the phone squawks or … Continue reading

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Years ago I wrote A prayer before connecting to the internet.  It now appears in many translations.  I have been gathering them together on one page here at WDTPRS. I am please to have found a verison in Filipino.  I … Continue reading

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“not suited for the older form of Mass”? Give me a break!

In many official statements and articles which are less than warm in their reception of Summorum Pontificum we find curious claims along the lines that "not many churches are suited to the older form of Mass".  Oh really? You remember … Continue reading

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NPR on the Motu Proprio: just about every error you can make

I was alerted by my friend Fr. AL, to whom I tip the tricorno   o{]:¬)  that the über-liberal National Public Radio on its Morning Edition had a piece by Sylvia Poggioli on the older form of Mass.  The title: Catholics … Continue reading

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Summorum Pontificum link removed

FYI, the link to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum was removed from the Holy See’s main page today. It is still available here. Notice that there are still no official translations!  

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