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Powerpoint question

Are there any experts out there who know if is possible to save a Powerpoint presentation as an video file?  For example a mpeg or flv?

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PODCAzT 66: don Camillo (part I): VM – advice on getting TLMs & “pro multis”

Our guest today is the fictional don Camillo Tarocci, (+ A.D. … ?) parish priest of "The Little World" created by Giovanni Guareschi. I begin a new project, namely, to read stories from The Little World of Don Camillo.  These … Continue reading

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Asps in Rochester

For this I sadly tip my biretta to Ten Reasons  o{]:¬( I want you to read this in light of certain entries on this blog about the whole ghastly wymynpriest thing (except for what "that blonde" had to say, of … Continue reading

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Cloud-kissing Ilion

A cool story.  Biretta tip to rogueclassicism   o{]:¬)   From the Turkish Press: Excavations in Truva (Troy) Ancient City (the archaeological site at Hisarlik in Turkey was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998) have been continued … Continue reading

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LA STAMPA: Hans KÜNG on Pres. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI

Today I present  This editorial was in La Stampa, an Italian daily based on Torino (Turin).  The translation is provided by WDTPRS’s good friend Fabrizio Azzola. It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry reading this. My emphases … Continue reading

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