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“Word of the Day” for Sunday, 12 July

A couple kind souls have written to let me know that today’s "Word of the Day" for Sunday, 12 July at Dictionary.com was… ineffable. Hmmmm Pretty Erie… er um… eerie.

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A request for prayers

In your kindness, please pray for a friend named Joe. He is in the hospital in serious condition with multiple brain tumors.

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Fr. Z to England

I will be heading to England, through the help of WDTPRSers who contributed to the trip. Now, I need to get an itinerary together. There will perhaps be chances for a couple blogniks!

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What’s the best thing Pres. Obama could do to achieve what he promised the Pope?

On 10 June Pope Benedict XVI heard President Barack Obama promise he would work to reduce the number of abortions in the United States.QUAERITUR: "What’s the best thing," I asked myself, "that Pres. Obama could do to achieve that goal?  … Continue reading

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“Patience, tiny bud…”

PENJING REPORT The little trees are doing very well.  Penjing and Penzai have lots of new growth and Penjing has little flowers.  But the real interest in Irohamomiji, which finally is showing some determination. And more! Thus, I was delighted … Continue reading

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What Do The Aliens Really Say?

I like watching through old TV series on DVD… no commercials… they are on when I want them to be… continuity… no commercials… I can watch them at a higher speed… no commercials…. Right now I am watching through Stargate-SG1.  … Continue reading

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