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7 Dials for a pint

Time for a pint and a rest. Back at Seven Dials. And then some Chinese! Beijing style dry fried beef in spicy sour sauce.

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Victoria & Albert

This sprawlng warren is full of treasures. Here are some images for a friend.

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Upstairs Downstairs

A little notalgia for an old classic. Where the famed show was filmed in part. 65 Eaton Place in Belgravia. Sadly with scafolding. Since I was in the area I thought I would locate it!

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BBC Proms right now

I am seated waiting for a lunchtime Proms concert. There will choral music of Henry VIII, Fayrfax, Cornysh, Sampson, Taverner, Tallis & Ludford. The Cardinall’s Musick performs. It was a spur of the moment decision. Listen to it live on … Continue reading

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In London in the afternoon

I will be in central London this afternoon, probably in some museum or other.  FWIW. Perhaps a pint will be found when the museum closes or I have seen enough! mobile: 07501852559

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Mantillas… help!

A friend wrote asking about a good source for purchasing high quality mantillas. Help!

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The arrant thief, giver of memories

The summers of my youth were intense rites of watching minor league ball games with my grandfather, bare-backed horses, swimming, crackling buzzing nights with chess pieces and a short-wave radio over the sound of distant trains.  Summers were given to … Continue reading

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