Meanwhile… of greater importance…

More interesting and more important than the Pope’s reception of Pres. Obama may be Italy’s moves to return to the use of nuclear power.

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4 Responses to Meanwhile… of greater importance…

  1. shoofoolatte says:

    Very sad news.

    I am encouraged by the talks that President Obama had with the Russians last week. Maybe one day we will all put down our swords …

  2. shoofoolatte says:

    I’m sorry, I read that headline wrong. I thought it said that Italy returns to nuclear arms (not power) and my comment reflected that misreading.

  3. Peggy says:

    Obie’s moving in the opposite direction of our allies on a variety of fronts.

  4. Regardless of one’s view of global warming, reducing carbon dioxide emissions is probably a good idea (other things being equal). The most efficient way to do that is to replace our coal-buring power plants with nuclear power plants.