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Oh dear…

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Keep repeating: “Anglicanorum coetibus… Anglicanorum coetibus…”

We should all be ready on the bank with good towels and disinfectants as Anglicans begin swimming the Tiber.
Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity
From CNN we learn that the … Continue reading

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NCR and Sipe on “Scandal vs. crisis”

Ex-priest Richard Sipe has a piece in the National Catholic Fishwrap:
My emphases and comments:

Scandal vs. crisis; PR vs. raw databy A.W. Richard Sipe on Jul. 09, 2010
Examining the Crisis
Ron Westrum, professor of sociology at Eastern Michigan University, suggests that organizations … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: pamphlets about TLM for parishes

From a reader:
I am trying to raise awareness of the TLM and Summorum Pontificum in my diocese.  I am considering developing a pamphlet to pass out at different parishes in order to do this.  However, before I reinvent the wheel, … Continue reading

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Card. Heenan from across the decades

Let’s bump this up:
A friend told me about this quote. So, I looked it up!
Cardinal Heenan addressed the Synod the day after the experimental Mass had been presented and said he did not know the names of … Continue reading

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