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Madison, WI: Gregorian Chant Workshop

I am attending a diocesan sponsored workshop on Gregorian Chant held at the diocesan center in Madison. A diocesan sponsored event MUST be supported! Brick by brick! His Excellency Bp. Morlino is also attending and showing support! There was a … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can a newly built church have an altar “against the wall”?

From a reader: This is in response to your recent post about GIRM 299 and ad orientam worship. I was just wondering, because of what 299 says do altars have to be built so one can walk around them? Or … Continue reading

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Joseph Sobran: RIP

I received word that columnist Joseph Sobran has passed away.  Requiescat in pace.

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Some people are writing with log in problems. I am not quite sure how to help you, since you seem to have functioning records. Also, if, after you log in, you are directed to your profile page, then you should … Continue reading

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Google Translator v. Lame-Duck ICEL – COLLECT 27th Sunday

Google Translator has added Latin.  I am skeptical. That said. A reader sent this: Noting your skepticism about Google Translate’s addition of Latin, I have a suggestion: What if we tried a head-to-head comparison of Google Translate to the old … Continue reading

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