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The Archbishop of Glasgow on the Holy Father’s provisions in Summorum Pontificum

All day long people have been filling my email with requests for me to react to the opinions of His Excellency, nay rather, His Grace, Mario Conti, Archbishop of Glasgow, who has spoken about the Holy Father’s provisions in  Summorum … Continue reading

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Robert Mickens on Pope Benedict and Summorum Pontificum. It is to laugh.

Damian Thompson has rightly shared with us Robert Micken’s little trip to the zoo.  Mr. Mickens, Rome correspondent for The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill aka RU486), has taken exception to Pope Benedict and the provisions of Summorum Pontificum. I’ll … Continue reading

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Summorum Pontificum, Latin, liberals, TLMs, seminarians, Magic Circles and an Instruction

From Damian Thompson’s blog comes a piece about Latin, seminarians, the Extraordinary Form and liberal enemies of all of the above, with my emphases and comments.  Edited. […] In contrast, the proposal to teach all seminarians to celebrate the Tridentine … Continue reading

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UK: Catholic Church rejects Govt. plans to allow homsexual “weddings” in churches

The other day I posted a new PODCAzT about the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's 2003 document Considerations regarding proposals to give legal recognition to unions between homosexual persons. That CDF document, addressed to bishops, states in terms … Continue reading

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On The Road: back in Manhattan… some views and news

I rose at oh dark hundred this morning, did my chores, and headed to the airport. Off through the LSD TUNNEL OF LIBERAL NEW AGE LOVE in the Detroit airport. Our approach into NYC. A great view of the park. … Continue reading

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Did the Holy Father get a free ride from the BBC during his visit?

From Damian Thompson: The Times’s paywall is mysteriously down, so I nipped behind it and found a blog post from my former colleague the Rev George Pitcher, now the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Secretary for Public Affairs. Writes George: I confess … Continue reading

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Damian Thompson’s take on the Pope at Westminster

Damian Thompson offers some analysis.  I found it reassuring that many of his points are in harmony with some of my thoughts.  Here is some of with my E&C: How odd that it should be the Guardian that grasped the … Continue reading

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Damian Thompson’s take on the music CD for the papal visit

Damian Thompson has rained vituperation down upon a music CD prepared in advance of the Holy Father’s visit to the UK. Papal visit CD: musical atrocities that make the Birdie Song sound like Mozart  [I admit that I didn’t know … Continue reading

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What has Summorum Pontificum done? Damian Thompson opines.

At three years of Summorum Pontificum the big question is: has it made any difference? Damian Thompson on Holy Smoke makes some mordant comments, much to our surprise, about the third anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, together with giving some good … Continue reading

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What’s up with the chaos surround Pope Benedict’s trip to England?

My friend Fr. Blake of St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton has this observation about chaos surround Benedict XVI’s upcoming trip to England. Damian Thompson’s Spectator article on the Papal Visit is online. I tend not to believe in conspiracies but maybe … Continue reading

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