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CQ CQ CQ – Ham Radio Saturday – Annuntio vobis gaudium!

UPDATES below.
Original published on: May 2, 2015 @ 10:16
This morning I took my General Class license examination.

I passed with a perfect score (as I did for my Tech exam).

Now it is on to the Extra Class exam!

The study books, by the way, … Continue reading

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National Morse Code Day… and….

… National Prime Rib Day!
Try to contain the excitement!

A frequent commentator on Ham matters here, LarryW2LJ has more.  HERE
To celebrate this day, here is the theme for Inspector Morse, one of the best TV series themes ever and a whale … Continue reading

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CQ CQ CQ – Ham Radio stuff

I had an interesting QSO in the sacristy of Ss. Trinita the other day. One of the priests of the FSSP is a ham.
That said, I haven’t done anything with Echolink yet. Sorry. I will have … Continue reading

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It’s Ham Saturday for me, it seems. I have had email about Echolink (which I still haven’t gotten into… mea culpa).  And now this, from a reader…
I would like to know what your thoughts on including Catholic art on QSL … Continue reading

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HAM RADIO stuff again: Echolink QSL request by RADIOGRAM.

I’ll put on my Ham hat for a moment to share some news and ask advice from my virtual Elmers.
I posted a while back about Echolink HERE and HERE.  Alas, we haven’t done anything with this yet.  Should we schedule … Continue reading

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CQ CQ CQ This is Whiskey Delta Tango Papa Romeo Sierra … ECHOLINK & APRS

UPDATE 6 Sept:
No, I haven’t worked on my General in the last week or so, and, No, I haven’t done anything with Echolink yet.  However, the other day I did figure out today how to send APRS messages with my … Continue reading

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HR 4969 – the “Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014″ – was introduced into the 113th Congress.  This bipartisan effort would direct the FCC to extend the “reasonable accommodation” provisions for Amateur Radio antennas to include all types of land-use regulation, including … Continue reading

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HAM RADIO and ECHOLINK revisited

A while ago, I posted about Ham Radio and many of you operators came out of the woodwork. The topic of Echolink came up.
I received this today:
Dear Fr. Z.,
Do you speak Italian? [yes] I think so, but if no, to … Continue reading

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Murder mystery space time continuum ham baseball fire fighter movie

Last night I watched a movie I hadn’t seen in years. I had a couple of good actors and used plot devices that I am into.
The movie: Frequency (2000)
Starring: Denis Quaid and James Caviezel
Device:  Aurora Borealis and Ham Radio

Oh yes, … Continue reading

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VIDEO: something for the geeky, prepper, Ham in you

I enjoy the youtube offerings of USNERDOC (aka KF7ETX aka David). This clever fellow, an ER doc who was in the Navy – as his handle indicates – has designed a spiffy “go bag” for his Yaesu F-817 radio … Continue reading

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