The Chapel of the Sabine Farm

As some of you might remember, I am presently in the USA at "the Sabine Farm", as I like to call it. Spring is really happening, and this is my LAST day here. Today I will be starting some herbs in the greenhouse so that when I get back in a couple months for the summer, they will be ready for serious cooking.

I thought I would share a photo of the inside of the chapel here wherein I say Mass each day. It is a pleasure to have a few people there. They like the older form of Mass and I am happily able to help them out that way, since I have faculties from the Holy See to use the 1962 Missale Romanum.

So, while there are wonderful compensations in Rome, here is a view of another good reason to miss my Sabine Farm.


To give you an idea of the building itself, here is a photo from the summer time in the evening:


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Your little Chapel shows more beauty than most of the parishes in my area. I can understand why you would miss it.

  2. Henry Edwards says:

    since I have faculties from the Holy See to use the 1962 Missale Romanum.

    Strictly speaking, would any such “special” faculties actually be needed for a validly ordained priest to celebrate Mass privately using a currently approved missal of the Latin rite?

  3. Strictly speaking, I think it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

    Regardless of whether a priest needs a special faculty for a private Mass or not, I have one.


  4. catholiclady says:

    What a good life – and you deserve it.

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