28 August: other saints today (Junipero Serra and E. Arrowsmith)

Other saints today:

Today is, incidently, the feast of St. Edmund Arrowsmith, one of the English martyrs. In his entry in the Martyrologium Romanum (below) you will find an item, which refers to entry no. 11 for William Dean and seven companions.

12. Lancastriae item in Anglia, sancti Edmundi Arrowsmith, presbyteri e Societate Iesu et martyris, ex eodem ducatu oriundi, qui post plures annos in patria curae pastorali addictus, cum sacerdos esset et ad catholicam fidem multos induxisset, ipsis protestantibus loci invitis, sub Carolo rege Primo fune suspensus occubuit. …


There is a frequent reader of this humble blog who will desire, I think, to contribute his own outstanding transation!

Going across the pond, we find this for Bl. Junipero Serra!

13*. Monte Regali in California, beati Iuniperi (Michaelis) Serra, presbyteri ex Ordine Fratrum Minorum, qui in tribubus illius regionis adhuc paganis, multis incommodis aermnisque gravtus, Evangelium Christi idomate populorum loci praedicavit atque parperum et humilium iura strenue defendit. … At Monterey in California, [the feast] of Juniper (Michael) Serra, priest of the Order of Friars Minor, who burdened by many troubles and difficulties preached the Gospel of Christ among the tribes of the region who were still pagans, and strenuously defended the rights of the poor and humble.


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  1. Jon says:


    I wish you could hear me. I can’t stop laughing. You, my friend, are what is called a good sport. Touche.

    May your boon be granted today by your patron, St. Augustine, and may his prayers wing you back safely to the Eternal City, whenever that may be.

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