Mass with Monica and Augustine

This morning at the Sabine Farm Holy Mass was celebrated with the 1962 Missale Romanum in the presence of both St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica. Before Mass began, the great saint was honored with a parade in front of the chapel:

A bit hard to see, perhaps, but this is a procession of wild turkeys.

Here are a couple snaps of the relics of St. Augustine and St. Monica on the altar.

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  1. Catholic Lady says:

    It is fitting indeed that turkeys would gobble up what is good and beautiful.

  2. Saint Francis would appreciate your seeing nature “naturally” praising God, whereas the world would just see it as a “coincidence.”
    I admire your reliquary, you seem to have a “Holy of Holies” there.
    Please remember your readers in your Masses.

    Roman Sacristan (aka CaesarMagnus)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear father,
    Did you stole the Sancta Sanctorum chapel? You have so many relics….

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