Liberalization of “Tridentine Mass” in November?

This has come in via Rorate Coeli:

Now the magazine of Continental Ultra-progressivism…

Golias, the not incredibly popular magazine of French Ultra-progressive Catholic ideals, also publishes, in its current weekly issue, the information that a document on the liberalization of the Traditional Roman Rite is imminent, that it will be published in November, that it was signed on September — yet, the language used by Christian Terras and Romano Libero, Golias’ editors, is similar to that mentioned in a similar note published by a web source recently and both texts fail to name a single source for their information.

Naturally, considering their unabated hatred of everything Traditional, their article is surprising, but it is defective in the lack of identification of its sources.

(For your information, past notes: 1, 2)

Here is something from the cited Golias article (my translation):

The date of publication of the decree is foreseen for this coming November. The content of the document concerns the complete "liberalization" of the Tridentine rite, according to the 1962 rubrics, placing it on the same level as the conciliar rite (or as the traditionalists say "reformed"): the "new" liturgy will be defined as "ordinary rite" whereas that of the traditionalists will be defined as "extradordinary rite", without any limitation for an Catholic priest whoever he may be. …

[La date de publication du décret est prévue courant novembre prochain. Le contenu du document concernera la « libéralisation » totale du rite tridentin – selon les rubriques de 1962 – le mettant sur le même plan que le rite conciliaire (« réformé » pour les traditionalistes) : la « nouvelle » liturgie sera définie « rite ordinaire » alors que celle traditionaliste sera définie « rite extraordinaire », sans aucune limitation par quelque prêtre catholique que ce soit. …]


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  1. Séamas says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I’m tired of getting my hopes up, then… nothing.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    The terms “ordinary rite” and “extraordinary rite” sound believable…

  3. Believable, yes. But, I too will believe it when I see it.

  4. Marc says:

    This is the same information included in the post at Archivum Liturgicum on the 25th of last month–I wonder if that is the ‘recent web source’ mentioned–but A. L. was also sure (in a previous post re this ‘news’) that the ‘document’ had already been signed back before Easter, if I recall rightly. I’ll believe it etc.

  5. Thomas Shawn says:

    This may not matter depending on the attitude of the local Bishop. I didn’t have a Tridentine Mass close to my house so I moved.

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  7. George says:

    Perhaps this will be applied as widely as is the permission for Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist!

  8. George: ROFL!! Good one.

    (Remember, the true term is “Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion”.

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